Indulge Caramels: Soft, Sensous, Delicious

Packaged Indulge Caramels

Place of Origin: San Francisco, CA, USA

This RFT editor is a sucker for good caramel and Indulge Caramels, a new company from Portland, Oregon, makes some very good Orange Caramels.

Handmade Indulge Caramels are soft and buttery with a background note of orange that’s not overpowering. Company founder Jennifer Bell started creating gourmet caramels as holiday gifts for friends and, as they say, one thing led to another. Now she makes her Orange Caramels and Chocolate Dipped Orange Caramels all by hand using only the finest ingredients. The Chocolate Caramel, this reviewer’s favorite, are covered with high-quality dark Guittard chocolate. The yhave just the right snap on the outside countered with the soft caramel inside. Delicious!

Packages and wrapped Indulge Caramels

Indulge caramels and their caramel chocolates can be boxed in beautifully-wrapped gift boxes.

While the RFT editors only sampled Indulge’s Orange Caramel, they also come in sea salt, cayenne, coconut, cinnamon, almond, chocolate, and apple. And they chocolate cover a number of these flavors. If we were you, we’d buy some of these Indulge Caramels for the caramel lover in your life. — BH

Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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