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Coastal Mist Artisan Chocolates

Finely-crafted on the Oregon Coast.

Up close look at chocolate from Coastal Mist Artisan Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow cut in half

Coastal Mist’s chocolate covered marshmallows aren’t like the ones you remember as a child. They’re so much better.

Lots of chocolatiers make good chocolates. Far fewer are craftsmen making top-quality artisan chocolates and desserts and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Coastal Mist in Bandon, Oregon.

Kevin and Tara Shaw, European-trained chocolatiers/pastry chefs, and their apprentice and co-owner, Nichole Malloy, make some of the most sophisticated chocolates you’ll find in the Pacific Northwest. Using local fruits, nuts, wines, and dairy products paired with fine European chocolates, this team makes a line of chocolates, in small batches, that are incredibly rich, beautiful, and creative.

RFT editors met the Coastal Mist team at a Boomer Lifestyle Show in Portland where they were offering a selection of their fine chocolates (in Bandon, they also offer desserts and cakes). We found each Coastal Mist chocolate to be a lovely little suprise, beautifully crafted and unique in flavor and texture. They are also deliciously fresh. (They never add preservatives and advise eating these chocolates within a week.) It’s no wonder their chocolates won Best In Show at the 2009 Oregon Chocolate Festival.


Small Chocolate Ganache Lollipop will small nibs

Chocolate covered marshmallows — These are three-inch mounds of handmade white or chocolate marshmallow covered in dark chocolate. The chocolate covering has a deep rich chocolate flavor with just the right chocolate snap. The marshmallow is a dreamy soft concoction that puts commercial marshmallow to shame. One RFT reviewer said, “I don’t normally like marshmallow, but this was nothing like the marshmallow I remember from when I was a kid. I really liked it.”

Chocolate ganache lollipop — This is a golf-ball-sized dollop of velvety chocolate ganache (chocolate, cream, and butter), that’s coated in rich dark chocolate and then rolled in rice crispy dark chocolate nibs (the unsweetened center of the cocoa bean)all served on a stick. The result is layers of flavors and textures – very rich chocolatey flavors with the silkiness of ganache, the snap of the chocolate coating, and the crisp crunch of the chocolate rice crisp balls. Now this is our kind of adult lollipop.

Six assorted chocolates from Coastal Mist Chocolates

Brazil nut caramel — This is a dark chocolate Belgian chocolate shell surrounding Brazil nut caramel with a hint of smoked salt. The nearly liquid caramel center has a rich nutty flavor and the salt gives it a tangy twist.

Criollo caramel — Dark caramel flavored with a Cariollo bean chocolate and chocolate nibs inside. This is a chocolate explosion. The nibs in the velvety caramel give a nice slightly bitter counterpoint to the sweetness.

Vanilla epiphany — This is the only offering we tried that was made with white chocolate instead of dark. The white chocolate ganache center’s Madagascar, Tahitian and Mexican vanillas carry big vanilla flavor that’s encased in a white chocolate shell. While we’re not be white chocolate fans, if you are,  this’ll be a winner for you.

Black and Gold — Six types of chocolate, including chocolate nibs (the center of the cocoa bean), are blended together in a smooth filling in a dark chocolate shell that’s been dusted with gold. His one is a major chocolate hit. The chocolate nibs in the center offer a bit of chewiness in the silky chocolate center.

Beautiful Black and Gold Chocolate

Dark treasure — This European style chocolate caramel comes with a sugar roasted almond and a shot of Mexican vanilla covered in a dark chocolate shell. The roasted almonds provide a little chewiness in the pool of nearly liquid caramel.

Blood orange with honey — Single origin Bolivian dark chocolate teams in this one with tangy blood orange and Oregon honey all in a hand painted dark chocolate shell. As you bit into this chocolate, there’s an citrusy bite that wakes up the entire tongue.

Real bottom line: If your yearning for impeccably fresh, artisan Belgian chocolates made with local ingredients, you’ll love Coastal Mist Chocolates. If you can’t get to the coastal town of Bandon, Oregon, no worries. Coastal Mist ships nationwide and their sophisticated website allow you to roll the cursor over images of each chocolate for a detailed description will help you make your selection.

Green, brown and black streaks on chocolate from Coastal Mist

If this is what the Coastal Mist team can do with chocolates, our RFT editors can’t wait to travel to Bandon to taste what they can do with desserts.


Coastal Mist
230 SE 2nd St. SE
Bandon, OR 97411
(541) 347-3300

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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