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Fudge Fix, Vancouver, WA

Up close picture of Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge by Fudge Fix

More Kinds of Fudge than You Can Imagine.

Companies that make yummy fudge are pretty common, but companies that make great fudge in 80 different flavors, many of them incredible seasonal ones like pumpkin, are something special.

Up close picture of Chocolate Orange Zest

Chocolate Orange Zest has a subtle orange flavor paired with rich chocolate. Pieces of real orange zest are studded throughout.

Georgann Anderson, the talent behind Vancouver, Washington’s Fudge Fix, is the Queen of Fudge. This woman dreams in fudge. She’s constantly coming up with innovative flavors that delight her customers.

RFT editors met Anderson at a Lifestyle Show where customers were lined up four across and four deep at her booth to sample her dizzying array of flavors. We knew something special was going on at Fudge Fix.

Anderson starts with good ingredients: real butter, cream, and good quality chocolate to achieve fudge that’s creamy without being sticky and, most importantly, not overly sweet. Anderson goes for pure flavors, not just sweetness and the results are addictive. RFT editors tried several Fudge Fix flavors and all tasted genuine, not artificial, and all were well-balanced.

Peanut butter chocolate — This fudge is a swirl of chocolate and peanut butter that puts Reese’s Peanut Butter to shame. One RFT editor said, “I’m a peanut butter chocolate gourmet and I love this. It’s primo.” She recommends putting it in your mouth, allowing it to melt slightly and then swirling it on your tongue for the maximum chocolate and peanut butter flavor hit.

Chocolate orange zest — We weren’t sure what to expect with this flavor, but we were delighted. It’s a soft buttery-colored fudge swirled with chocolate fudge and studded with pieces of real orange zest that creates a satisfying marriage of orange and chocolate. The orange flavor is subtle, the chocolate deep and rich, and the pieces of zest offer little orange zing surprises.


Picture of Fudge Fix's Anise a black and white swirl

Chocolate Molé — For RFT editors, this was the only flavor that didn’t really satisfy. For us, it was simply too hot. It was creamy and satisfyingly chocolatey, but the heat, which comes on after a few seconds in the mouth, is intense. If you’re someone who loves the burn and loves chocolate, you’ll like this.

Anise — With swirls of gray, this black licorice flavor isn’t the most attractive of Fudge Fix’s offerings, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Neither of the two RFT reviewers who sampled this flavor are big black licorice fans, but both thought this flavor had an almost refreshing, palate cleansing taste. It’s an adult flavor, not terribly sweet, and would make a good end-of-meal treat when you don’t want a too-sweet dessert.


Pumpkin Fudge with slices of a large chunk

Pumpkin — This is one of the company’s seasonal flavors and it was one of our favorites. This orangish fudge tastes exactly like a really tasty pumpkin pie – creamy with a not-too-sweet pumpkin flavor accented with a lilt of cinnamon. If this is what Fudge Fix’s Queen of Fudge can do with Pumpkin Fudge, we can’t wait to taste her holiday Eggnog Fudge.

Real bottom line: Realfoodtraveler is impressed with both the creativity of flavor offerings and delicious creamy texture this local Northwest company offers. Fudge Fix’s company motto is “More than just fudge, it’s an experience” and it’s a really tasty experience. We applaud the company for making fudge that is not overly sweet (an all-too-common fault in fudge making); has just the right creaminess; and that has very fresh, authentic-tasting flavors. We’re sure with 80 flavors — and probably more being dreamed up in Anderson’s fertile mind – you’ll find several fudge flavors you’ll love.

They ship nationwide. —BH

Fudge Fix
607 Washington St.
Vancouver, WA 98660

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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