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Monastery Mustard: Heavenly Goodness

Mustards made in Mt. Angel, Oregon

If you’re looking for some bold, flavorful mustard, check out Monastery Mustard, artisan mustards handcrafted by the Benedictine sisters of the Queen of Angels Monastery in Mt. Angel, Oregon. These spicy Sisters make a line of mustard lovers’ mustard and all of them have big, hearty flavors.

Original Mustard by the Benedictine Sisters

The Benedictine Sisters’ Divinely Original mustard is a spicy concoction for serious mustard lovers.

These mustards pair well with sausages, ham, or any food where you want serious mustard flavor. To moderate the strong mustard flavor, you can always add a bit of Monastery Mustard to mayonnaise or sour cream (or both) for a nice mustard sauce.

Monastery Mustard is handmade and hand packed by the sisters. Buying Monastery Mustard not only brings some interesting mustard to your pantry, it also supports good causes. Proceeds from the mustards support the Sisters’ homeless shelter and Sisters who have retired from the order.

Realfoodtraveler editors sampled four of the 10 Monastery Mustard flavors:

Divinely Original. This is true hot mustard that will wake up your senses. Divinely Original first gives a strong horseradish flavor at the back of your tongue. Then the spicy heat comes up through your nose. This is serious mustard for people who like their mustard heroic.

Glorious Garlic. Not quite as hot as Divinely Original, award winning Glorious Garlic  mustard is still spicy, but the heat is moderated by the soft redolence of garlic.

Jar of garlic mustard

The flavor of sweet garlic moderates the spiciness of Glorious Garlic mustard.

Pious Pineapple. Thinner and more yellow than other flavors (there’s added turmeric), this is one of the Sisters’ new flavors. It features chunks of fresh pineapple and would be particularly good on ham or a Hawaiian burger.

Angelic Honey Garlic. This spicy entry offers the best of Glorious Garlic with the added sweetness of honey. The honey tends to gather at the bottom of the bottle, so stir this one before using. We’d recommend using this one on a hearty sandwich like pastrami or any place you’d use Chinese sweet mustard.

Small jar of honey mustard

You can see the golden honey at the bottom of the Angelic Honey Garlic Mustard. Give this sweet mustard one a stir before serving.

You can buy the sisters’ mustard at local farmer’s markets around Portland, Oregon (e.g. Beaverton Farmer’s Market) or online at

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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