Papa Fertitta’s Olive Mix: downright addicting!

Place of Origin: Shreveport, LA USA

Package of Papa Fertitta's Olive Mix

Papa Fertitta’s Olive Mix comes in 16 ounce containers and can be shipped.

Olives, pickled vegetables, celery, and other spices in olive oil, Papa Fertitta’s Olive Mix is tangy, salty, and, for this reviewer, completely addictive.

At Fertitta’s Deli in Shreveport, Loiusiana, they serve it on the favorite Muffy Sandwich (their version of the famous Muffelletta Italian submarine sandwich made famous in New Orleans). But you can use Papa Fertitta’s Olive Mix on just about anything — deviled eggs, omelettes, chicken or tuna salads, hotdogs, hamburgers, or sandwiches. It keeps well in the refrigerator, but we’re betting you’ll love it so much that it won’t last in yours.

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