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Crunchy, buttery goodness!

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Realfoodtraveler first encountered Texas Toffee at the Balloon Festival in Plano, Texas, where a front man was handing out tiny pieces of toffee to the crowd. Plenty of those sampling were soon bellying up to the Texas Toffee booth to buy bags of the stuff. Being a toffee fan, I was intrigued and brought back a couple bags of Texas Toffee for our editors to review.

Texas Toffee Owner in front of sign

Michele, the owner of Texas Toffee, peddles her delectable product at the Plano Balloon Festival.

We sampled two flavors: Pecan Delight and Almond Delight. The pieces are made thick with a light covering of nut-covered chocolate. While I generally like more chocolate on my toffee, I suspect the 90 degree Texas heat might have something to do with the limited amount of chocolate they use. However, the small amount of chocolate doesn’t detract from Texas Toffee. It’s chewy and buttery, with a nice crunch.

Made with fresh, wholesome ingredients and no preservatives in small batches, Texas Toffee has a lovely homemade taste. One of our editors, who claims she’s “not a real toffee fan,” said, “It’s mighty good. I could really eat a lot of that.”

I personally found Texas Toffee downright addictive. The rich, creamy flavor and chewy crunch drew me back again and again until suddenly it was all gone. No worries. I can always order more and they’ll ship this delicious toffee right to me.


Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

RFT co-founder Bobbie Hasselbring has been a travel junkie her entire life. An award-winning writer and editor for more than 25 years and author of the regional food-travel bestsellers, The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest and The Chocolate Lover’s Guide Cookbook, Bobbie is editor-in-chief at

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  1. John Drewry

    I found Texas Toffee at the Texas State Fair and was really impressed with the taste and texture of the candy. After tasting the sample, my wife and I purchased a small bag of Pecan Rich. It was gone in a flash and we returned, prior to leaving the
    Fair, for more! Then, we recieved a package of Texas Toffee as a corporate gift … now that was a pleasnt supprise. They have a special treat and I recommend it to all my friends.

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