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Chocolate Museum, Barcelona, Spain


How sweet it is…

In a city jam packed with museums filled with history, art, erotica, and even shoes, it is not surprising to find one devoted to chocolate, Museu de la Xocolata. Located a short walk from Las Ramblas (about 5-10 minutes depending on your window shopping and people watching), large banners direct you into an air conditioned respite in an ancient building.

As you enter the museum from the street, you are greeted by a large display case filled with chocolate bars and individual chocolate candies. Don’t be surprised when the clerk hands you a “ticket” –  it’s, of course, a chocolate bar!


Nothing escapes the hands of the chocolatiers, including the Madonna and Jesus.

The price of admission gives you not only a very good chocolate bar, but also the opportunity to wander through this small museum that reviews the history of chocolate from the first time the cacao “bean” touched the shores of Spain to present day. The compact museum boasts historic machinery, videos, and information (translated into English).

While the history is interesting, the real stars of this museum are the astonishing array of chocolate sculptures –everything from a bull fight, to Don Quixote, a tribute to Louis Armstrong, and even a life sized Minnie Mouse. The museum rotates the displays as local chocolatiers create new artwork for seasonal holiday displays. What I saw this year may not exist when you arrive on the scene.


Afterall, who doens’t love a life-sized sculpture of Minnie Mouse in chocolate?

This chocolate museum certainly isn’t the definitive museum of chocolate. It barely scratches the surface of the history of chocolate. However, the sculptures are fascinating and this little museum makes for an interesting – if quick – stop on your tour of Barcelona. It’s particularly something the kids will enjoy. Afterall, who doens’t love a life-sized sculpture of Minnie Mouse in chocolate? — AW

Museu de la Xocolata
Comerc, 36
Barcelona, Spain
93 268 7878

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Bobbie Hasselbring

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