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Performance Sunglasses get a Real Test

Woman wearing white Serengeti Coriano SunglassesMy World Looks Good Through these Serengeti Coriano Sunglasses

Let’s start with the color. Next to black, my favorite clothing color is white, yet I’ve never had a pair of white sunglasses. As I was contemplating adding a pair of white Ray Ban Wayfarers to my sunglass lineup, the opportunity to review these Pearl White Serengeti Corianos from the Sport Collection came my way and I snatched it.

White protective sunglasses

Corianos not only look way cool, they provide plenty of sun protection with their polarized lenses.

When I first put them on, they seemed so, well, white (they also come in other cool colors such as Dark Tortoise, Metallic Slate, Satin Black and Shiny Black). But the more I wore them, the more I found the white frames fresh, upbeat and different. When you’re wearing white frames, you really show up — and who can argue with that?

Now for the shades themselves. The Corianos have a sleek rectangular curve that hugs the eye area in a nice, comfortable way. While the styling makes me think of ski slopes and sleek Bogner skiwear, I’ve found them to be excellent everyday shades. In the bright sun, the polarized lenses (called Polar PhD™) give lots of protection and the brown tone is very soothing to the eye. Even in gray light so common in New York, they give the world a comfortable, rosy glow. The other day it was especially sunny and the anti-glare protection was in full swing, keeping my view crystal clear and my eyes relaxed and feeling good.

They do sit very close to the eye — and sometimes my eyelashes (which aren’t Latisse long, by the way) brush against the lenses. But a quick adjustment and it’s all good. The bright side of this is that they offer a really stable fit and stay put no matter how you move your head, bend down or look around making them a fine choice for activities like climbing, fishing, skiing or waterspouts that involve a lot of head movement.

Woman with White Serengeti Coriano Sunglasses

Great for spring or summer, white Corianos will make a splash at your next outdoor party.

I haven’t hit the savanna yet, but these Serengeti glasses have been served me well from the hazy sun of Southwest Louisiana to the medium light in Manhattan to the bright rays reflecting off the Hudson River and Long Island Sound as spring has started to show up here on the east coast.

Sunglasses case and white sunglases

The case that comes with the Corianos is structured so it protects the glasses well.

One more thing. The ribbed black case is especially nice and the glasses nestle in there perfectly. It’s a soft, yet structured case that’s designed more like a hard one. It really protects the glasses, but doesn’t take up as much room inside a bag as the rock hard ones. It’s a little malleable and that makes a big difference. Again, a nice combo of function and form.

Where are my Corianos joining me next? In a few weeks, we’ll be paddle surfing in Florida Panhandle followed by sailing and kayaking in Anguilla, along with hours of laying on a chaise lounge doing as little as possible. Surely, they’ll be up to the task!

—by Leslie Long, RFT Contributor


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Leslie Long

Leslie Long is a New York-based travel and lifestyle writer and photographer with a love of authentic places off the tourist track. She and her family often cross many state lines and travel far and wide in search of fabulous food and indigenous restaurants. She enjoys baking pies, growing as many herbs and vegetables as she can in containers ,and the constant pursuit of things that are wonderful and new.

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