The Cookie Party Cookbook

Book cover of The Cookie Party CookbookIf you are looking to host a cookie exchange for the first time or even if you have hosted for years, but are looking for new ideas, The Cookie Party Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Cookie Exchange by Robin L. Olson, The Cookie Exchange Queen, is the book to own.

I have never hosted a cookie exchange so I hadn’t thought about how to divide up all the cookies if someone doesn’t bring the required amount or if they bring more than required. Olson provides options on “Ways to Swap” the cookies at the party. Plus, there are even “Themes” you can have for your cookie exchange party.

Yes, there are plenty of recipes that the author has contributed and collected from the cookie exchanges through the years.

I tried Robin Olson’s “Best Ever Sugar Cookies” and they were good, with a lot of flavor, and soft but firm, This is definitely a cookie I would make again. The Cookie Party Cookbook provides many popular cookie recipes and ones you may not have tried yet.

However, Olson’s book isn’t just a cookie recipe book. Whether you like a soft cookie or a harder cookie, you’ll find how to adapt the recipes (through preparation techniques or ingredients) to get your preference. If you run out of brown sugar, she provides a recipe for to make it so you don’t have to run to the store. The author has also offers cookie baking troubleshooting tips and conversions for those recipes using weight rather than volume.

The Cookie Party Cookbook will inspire you and your friends and family to get together and create warm feelings, community and enjoy delicious cookies. With great ideas and recipes, The Cookie Exchange Queen Robin Olson will show you the way.

— by Lana Mulder, RFT Contributor.

Lana Mulder

Lana Mulder is a woman of many talents — artist, seamstress, fabulous cook, computer wizard, and world traveler. When she’s not traveling to far-flung places like Africa, Morocco, and Europe, Lana operates a photo memory business, Dragonfly Photo Memory and Organization Services where she helps people organize and preserve their family photographs and other memorabilia. She can be reached at

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