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The Smoked Olive Oils: Smokey Goodness

Six different bottles of The Smoked Olive Oils

The folks at The Smoked Olive Company have come up with an interesting concept — take organic extra virgin olive oil and subject it to natural wood smoke.

The result is a clean olive taste with the underlying complexity of smokiness that works as a dip, a marinade, in salad dressings, or as a finish to fish, fowl, meats, and vegetables. We sampled all three flavors:

Bottle of the Original Sonoma Smoked Olive Oil

The Original Sonoma Smoked Olive Oil brings a fresh olive flavor and bold smokiness and is RFT’s favorite.

Sonoma Smoked Olive Oil —  This is the original flavor and our favorite. This oil, which won a gold medal at the Sonoma County Harvest Festival, has a fresh olive taste with a bold, smoky current running through it. We especially loved this oil as a dip for bread– delicious smokiness. It would also be terrific for a marinade.

Santa Fe Smoked Olive Oil — They’ve added a bit of heat to this naturally wood smoked oil for those who like it hot. For us, the heat overpowers the subtly of the olive and smoke flavors. However, the Santa Fe Oil makes a good spicy cooking oil. We tried it with some Chinese vegetables and it added a lovely bit of heat.

Napa Smoked Olive Oil — Lighter in smoke than the Original Sonoma Oil, this flavor would be a great addition to a salad dressing or as a finishing oil.

Real Bottom Line: If you love good olive oil (and we do), oils from The Smoked Olive Oil add a unique flavor profile to dishes.

The Smoked Olive Oils are sold at Williams-Sonoma or online

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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