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Borch Maps: Heavy-Duty Direction

Woman holding a Borch Map

I love maps. They ground me as much as help me find my way.

Borch maps, durable, water-repellent, and durable can help with trip planning as well as directing your travel on the road. We used two Borch maps on a recent trip to Spain: the country map of Spain and Barcelona. The Spain country map was huge and very detailed and is excellent for people who want all the details of a destination. We used it for kitchen table trip planning rather than taking it with us.

The Barcelona map, which was smaller, went with us. It was a workhorse. The lamination is a plus…and you can still write on it with those tips from locals on places to go.

Compared to the paper tourist maps that tear and easily become soggy in the rain or when your water spills, Borch maps are oversized and nearly indestructible. They refold easily into the original order without fraying or tearing. They’re really good for travelers who like to keep maps from previous trips as keepsakes since they’ll look as good when you bring them home as they did when you first began.

And the large print makes it easy to read at a glance, with streets and tourist highlights clearly marked. Next time you’re planning a get-sway, try a Borch map. — AW

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

RFT co-founder Bobbie Hasselbring has been a travel junkie her entire life. An award-winning writer and editor for more than 25 years and author of the regional food-travel bestsellers, The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest and The Chocolate Lover’s Guide Cookbook, Bobbie is editor-in-chief at