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Red Keen Sandals

Keen Waterproof Sandals

If you’re a traveler who likes to get down and dirty, you’re going to need a pair of good quality, waterproof hiking sandals. Keen makes some of the best. RFT editor Bobbie loves her red Keens. They’re easy to slip in and out of and comfortable, even on long hikes. Bobbie recently wore her Keens on safari in Africa and found they were the perfect traveling shoes, even when hiking long distances. If it’s cold, wear them with wool socks; if it’s warm, go barefootin’ in your Keens and you’ll stay cool. Keens cost $85-$130. Shop at the end of the season and you may find better prices. At whatever price you pay, Keens are worth it and will last for years. Available at or at outdoor stores.

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No-Jet-Lag Tablets

We’ve found these homeopathic No-Jet-Lag tablets really help.

No Jet Lag

When you’re flying 20+ hours to get to a destination, you don’t want to spend your first two days bogged down with jet lag. We’ve found these homeopathic No-Jet-Lag tablets really help. We buy them at our AAA store, but they’re available at most travel stores or


Package of traveling Tide

The Tide to Go stick is a lifesaver.

Tide to Go

If you’re like us, you attract spots like a magnet. The Tide to Go stick is a lifesaver. Just dab it on the spot and it’s gone. They also carry in-the-sink liquid travel packets for washing out undies and other items in your hotel room. Available in grocery or travel stores.


Package of Foam Ear Plugs

These inexpensive little gems will block out the drone.

Foam Ear Plugs

These inexpensive little gems will block out the drone of airplanes, loud passengers, street sounds and other noises that can rob you of sleep while traveling. RFT editors always carry at least two pair. Available at pharmacies, grocery and travel stores.


Caribeaners for clipping to a daypack

Great for clipping onto your dayback or securing luggage.


They’re not just for climbers anymore. Caribeaners that you can get at outdoor stores are great for clipping onto your dayback or your bag for carrying stuff or securing luggage. We expecially like the ones with the little loop that allow you to attach a water bottle. Available at stores like REI


Green Buzz Buzz Off Bandanas

We’ve found the Buzz Off bandana to be versatile and effective.

Buzz Buzz Off Bandanas

If you’re traveling to places where you’re likely to encounter mosquitoes, the Buzz Off bandana can help. Buzz Off makes all kinds of anti-mosquito clothing, but we’ve found the bandana versatile and effective. On a trip to the Nambib 
Desert, an unseasonable rainfall brought out thousands of mosquitoes (or “moses” in African). Our Off Bandanas were a real bonus to have. Available at outdoor stores.


Noise Cancelling headphones by Sony

These Sony MDR-40 headphones eliminate about 80% of ambient noise.

Noise Canceling Headphones

When you travel as much as we do, noise canceling headphones become essential to surviving long, noisy airplanes. You can pay much as $500 for good noise canceling headphones. We found these Sony MDR-40 headphones, which retail for $79-99, eliminate about 80% of ambient noise and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Available online or from retailers like Best Buy



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Bobbie Hasselbring

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