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PacSafe MetroSafe Shoulder Bag: Worry-free Convenience

Red PacSafe MetroSafe Shoulder Bag around woman's body

Everyone said be careful on Las Ramblas in Barcelona… pickpockets everywhere. “They will slash your bag and leave you with just a strap around your neck,” people warned us. Not a chance with PacSafe’s MetroSafe 100 shoulder bag.

RealTest-logoThis compact side bag is large enough to carry your passport, money, guidebook, Spanish phrase book, directions to that fabulous restaurant, a small notebook, a point and shoot camera, and personal items. All that and it still presents as neat and compact. Even better than having everything you need close at hand is the fact that the MetroSafe 100‘s multiple anti-theft features that allow you to concentrate on the sites, sounds, and flavors of your travel destination. By the way, we had nary a pickpocket encounter on the entire trip] with PacSafe.

This bag features a slashproof shoulder strap and eXomesh Slashguard material throughout the bag to defy pickpockets who jostle and cut bags in a crowd. It also has a tamper-proof clip security system that keeps sticky fingers from slipping into your bag while you take in the sights.

Brown PacSafe MetroSafe with a shoulder strap

The PacSafe shoulder bag features a slashproof shoulder strap.

I have historically used a “belly bag” in my travels, but recently gave this shoulder bag a try on RFT’s trip to Spain as shoulder bags are “the” style in Spain.

Real Bottomline: Not only did PacSafe’s MetroSafe 100 enable me to fit in style-wise, I was able to relax and enjoy the sites without worry. I highly recommend (surprised me!) and I am a convert to the shoulder bag. — Review by RFT Editor Anne Weaver

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Bobbie Hasselbring

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