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Tilley’s Summer Hemp

Woman wearing Tilley's Hemp Hat

If you are looking for a new hat for summer or for your tropical travels, check out Tilley Endurables’ new TH10 Women’s Hemp Hat.

With its stylish wide, downward-sloping brim, this hat gives you maximum protection from the sun. The brim is 3-1/4” in the front, 3-1/2” wide on the sides and the back, which gives a full 4” of sun protection. Another benefit of the wide brim is it will keep you dry if you are caught out in the rain. While this hemp hat isn’t rainproof, the slope and wide brim naturally channels the water away.

The brim also has extra stitching to provide more stability in windy conditions. This Tilley comes with a fore ’n’ aft Wind Cord that can be tucked away in the crown when it is calm. When a breeze comes up, you can place the cord with the sliding knots behind your head and, in windier conditions, you can bring the chin strap forward. If, for some reason, your TH10 gets away from you, the fabric floats so you can retrieve it.

Woman in blue dress wearing hemp hat with chin strap

The chin strap can be used in really windy conditions.

Tilleys are made to fit lower on the head than other hats to protect you from the sun and rain. They are held on by gravity, not painful pressure on your forehead, a wonderful benefit on those hot and muggy days. (Be sure to look on the website for the size chart to order the right size.)

This hat is made from 100% hemp fabric that is the naturally breathable, resistant to UV light, mildew, and salt water. Hemp is the world’s strongest natural fibre and, because it doesn’t require herbicides or pesticides in the crop production, it’s very environmentally friendly! The hemp fabric provides a soft linen-like look, but a ‘tough as nails attitude.’ Over time, the fabric will soften and fade, but will remain durable for years to come.

Don’t forget that all Tilley Hats fabrics are certified to block 98% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation, which gives a UPF of 50+, the maximum rating given. (Even with these great Tilley hats, don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses with UV filters, especially for children.)

An added benefit is a secret pocket inside the crown that has Velcro to hide your ID, money, or hotel key.

Side view of woman with a hemp hat

The slopping brim repels both sun and rain.

Like all Tilley Hats, the Tilley Hemp is guaranteed for life not to wear out; insured against loss; hand washable, and won’t shrink (air dry). In addition, a portion of each Hemp Hat sale is donated to support “Street Kids Internationa.l” — by Lana Mulder, RFT Contributor

Lana Mulder

Lana Mulder is a woman of many talents — artist, seamstress, fabulous cook, computer wizard, and world traveler. When she’s not traveling to far-flung places like Africa, Morocco, and Europe, Lana operates a photo memory business, Dragonfly Photo Memory and Organization Services where she helps people organize and preserve their family photographs and other memorabilia. She can be reached at