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TravelSmith Beats the Heat Test

Woman smiling at airport gate wearing blue TravelSmith denim jacket

RFT Editor Bobbie Hasselbring had no sooner landed from Spain than she jumped on a plane to Shreveport, Louisiana where the temperatures are already soaring into the 90s. The question was: what to wear to look professional and not die from the heat? TravelSmith to the rescue!

I traveled to Shreveport to attend the city’s famous Mudbug Festival, celebrating crawfish and other Deep South cuisine and the area’s foot-stomping Cajun music. While I knew it would be hot in Shreveport, airports and airplanes are notoriously chilly (and airlines no longer offer blankets), so I knew I’d need a lightweight jacket. I opted for TravelSmith’s Double-duty Denim Shirt ($89; item #26206), which can be worn as a lightweight shirt or as a casual jacket.

This denim jacket is made of washable Tencil material. What raises this jacket out of the usual denim shirt category and enables it to pass for business causal wear is the tailored styling, including four classic button pockets. While I appreciated the fact that the breast pockets have handy buttons to keep the pockets closed, I’d like the pockets to be 1/2 inch or so deeper so my reading glasses would fit in a bit more easily. However, I especially appreciated the slimming effect of the jacket’s front detail lines and below-the-hip length. And the Double-duty Denim Shirt kept me comfortable on the plane and looking good even to meet my business associates, even after five hours of flying.

Woman wearing TravelSmith's white linen shirt

TravelSmith’s No-Hassle Linen Shirt is casual cool and still looks professional.

The Tencil Denim Shirt is entirely washable, but does require touch up with an iron after a spin through the washer to reclaim its classy looks.

Once in Shreveport, the weather was hot and humid, but I still had to look good. The TravelSmith No-Hassle Short Sleeved Linen Shirt ($59, item #21196) allowed me to look cool and casual, yet still professional. The shirt is a blend of easy-care polyester, rayon, and linen.

The No-Hassle Linen was the shirt I wore to the Mudbug Fest as a topper for a black knit and mid-calf slacks. Despite eating spicy boiled crawfish and crawfish étoufée and dancing up a storm to hot Cajun music for more than three hours, the No-Hassle Linen Shirt still had me looking good. I can tell this machine washable shirt will become a favorite piece of my summer wardrobe.

Bobbie Hasselbring smiling with Louisiana Man

Who’s the guy in the photo with RFT Editor Bobbie Hasselbring? Who knows? People in Louisiana are friendly and this man at the Mudbug Festival decided to join in the photo!

Real bottom line: No need to let the steamy, hot weather interfere with looking great. TravelSmith has some great solutions for hot weather travel. — BH


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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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