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Capture: Digital Photography Essentials

Capture: Digital Photography Essentials Book CoverTo say that Rocky Nook produces beautiful photography books is an understatement. They’ve done it again with Capture: Digital Photography Essentials by Glenn Rand, Christopher Broughton, and Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler, all experienced photographers and teachers. The authors underlying tenants are the same the photographers at firmly believe: digital photography is simply an evolution of photography’s basic capture and processing technology and capturing light through the camera has not changed with the introduction of digital technology. They also acknowledge what many of us who learned photography years ago know: the differences between film and digital photography can be profound.

Capture: Digital Photography Essentials acts as a bridge between the film and digital photo world. Part 1, which covers the basics of digital photography, offers great refreshers for many and eye-openers for beginners and it lays the foundation for Part 2 Working Digitally.

Its in the second part, Capture, that this book really stands out. In easy-to-understand language, the authors explain how to understand exposures in the digital world. They unlock the mysteries of histograms and how to set exposures using this tool. They also bridge the digital gap in a section on digital equivalent exposures.

Once you’ve mastered digital exposures, the authors take readers into the nitty gritty of working digitally managing digital work flow, files, including compression and types of files, memory, and the all important editing of images. Then they talk about something we at have been struggling with how do you deal with thousands of images. Their assessment management chapter tackles how to keep track of files, import files, backing them up, using metadata and archiving to make it all come together.

The final section of the book the authors call Beyond may, in fact, be beyond what many photographers want or need for digital photography, but professionals or avid amateurs will appreciate. In Part Three, they discuss the digital zone system, and how to control parts of the system to achieve the photos we desire. While this section might leave some readers as it did me a little flummoxed by the technical jargon, others will find it a way to move even further in digital photography.

All in all, we found Capture: Digital Photography Essentials a valuable book that made us think about our imaging differently and more deliberately. Perhaps the most important aspect of this excellent book is that any level of digital photographer will gain insight and direction and, hopefully, improve their shooting because of the information and knowledge passed on by these photography experts.

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