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Grab Guard: Just in Case…

Black bag with Grab Guard

Have you ever been a victim of a thief grabbing your purse while you were putting your groceries in your car? Or you’re waiting for a plane and you get up to throw something in the garbage and your carry-on bag is gone? With the Grab Guard, a small, convenient locking system, thieves will have to work a little harder — or find another victim.

Black purse with pink grab guard

How many times have you put your purse on the floor in a restaurant? Securing it with a Grab Guard will kepp it safe.

The Grab Guard has a cable that comes out about 20 inches which you can wrap around a grocery cart, chair, fence, or other object and your personal item. Then, you click the cable back into the Grab Guard and, with a quick turn of the two-digit combination, your items are held securely.

The Grab Guard’s 2-digit combination is easy to setup and, a real plus, the combination numbers are easy to read. Grab Guard has two buttons, one on each side. Press one to release the cable or to tightened it up; the other to release the cable (after you dial in your 2-digit combination). Grab Guard comes in seven different colors to pair with your purse, briefcase, or your kid’s backpacks.

When I shop, I always put my purse over my shoulder rather than in my grocery cart; I took the Grab Guard with me and gave it a try by locking my purse to my cart. It felt good not to have my heavy purse on my shoulder and, even though I never walked far from my cart, I felt confident that someone couldn’t just take my purse out of the cart. Using the simple 2-digit combination it was easy to connect and disconnect. I can think of so many times when I could use the Grab Guard in my every day life or to keep my carry-on bags secure while traveling.

Pink Grab Guard with Backpack

Grab Guards work for backpacks too.

Check out the video on Grab Guard’s website to see just a few of ways that this valuable security tool will give you a little more piece of mind and keep your valuables from getting stolen.

— Real Tested by Lana Mulder, RFT Contributor

Lana Mulder

Lana Mulder is a woman of many talents — artist, seamstress, fabulous cook, computer wizard, and world traveler. When she’s not traveling to far-flung places like Africa, Morocco, and Europe, Lana operates a photo memory business, Dragonfly Photo Memory and Organization Services where she helps people organize and preserve their family photographs and other memorabilia. She can be reached at