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Serengeti Cielo: Seeing the World in a Whole New Way

Bolle Sunglasses

Bollé, the makers of Bushnell binoculars, has long been known for making quality sunglasses. With the introduction of performance eyewear like the Serengeti Sport™, Bollé has taken eyewear to a whole new and wonderful level.

RealTest-logoIn the bright, glaring sunlight of Louisiana bayous, the Cielo sunglasses darkened. In the Pacific Northwest’s lighter, gray skies, the lenses lighten up.

Now I admit that I’m hard on sunglasses. I routinely break, scratch, or lose them so I’m loath to invest in good-quality sunglasses. However, the Sergengeti Sport sunglasses are so superior to my usual sunglasses that they’re well worth the investment. I chose the Serengeti Cielo in satin black with PhD CPG™ (Cool Polar Grey) lenses. (They also come in a brown-colored lens they call PhD Drivers™ that are designed to enhance contrast for the demands of driving and outdoor activities.) With a curved frame that fits closely to your face, these glasses make perfect performance sunglasses for athletes. But Cielo’s sleek style looks equally good on the ski slopes or at a garden party.

The first thing I noticed about the Cielo was how light they are. These featherweight sunglasses feel as if you’re not wearing sunglasses at all. They use an ultra-light Trivex™ material for the frames and Bollé says that the lenses in these glasses are 10% lighter than polycarbonate and four times lighter than glass. I believe it. Wearing these sunglasses, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them.

I did notice the bridge on the Cielos was a little thick and, at first, it felt distracting. But it took all of 20 seconds for my eyes to adjust and I never noticed it again.

Bobbie next to pirate with Serengeti Polar PhD sunglasses

Indoors or out, Serengeti Polar PhD sunglasses adjust to the light. Here, RFT Editor Bobbie Hasselbring shares a moment with pirate Jean Lafitte.

The second and most terrific thing I noticed was how well I could see without glare no matter the light conditions. In Southwest Louisiana, I walked along gator-filled bayous with the sun glaring off the water. My Sergeneti’s kept my eyes perfectly comfortable and I could actually see better than with my normal vision. That’s because the Serengeti lenses employ what they call spectral control that actually filters the light. It improves the contrast and enhances the color giving the wearer crisper color and clearer images. The lenses also block much of the blue light that causes blurring, eye strain, and fatigue. Looking through these sunglasses is like the difference between looking at the picture in an old fashioned television and at a new high-definition picture.

However, I truly fell in love with my new Serengeti Sport sunglasses, when I returned to the Pacific Northwest. Here in Oregon, we get plenty of gray, cloud-covered days. While it’s not sunny, the light tends to be quite harsh and glaring. However, most sunglasses are too dark to wear in these conditions. Not the Serengeti Cielos. The first time I put on my Serengeti glasses, I couldn’t believe it. They completely cut the glare without being too dark. That’s because their Polar PhD lens system features photochromatic technology that allows the lenses to change as quickly as the scenery. They lighten and darken automatically. The technology is built into the lens so it never wears off or out. For the first time in more than 20 years of living in our misty, gray Northwest, I can actually see clearly without glare or eyestrain.

Serengeti Sunglasses with Case

The glasses case and lens cloth that come with the Serengeti sunglasses will get plenty of use to make sure these sunglasses last and last.

I can tell you that my Serengeti Sport sunglasses will get plenty of use both here in the Northwest and where ever I travel in the world. I’ll frequently be using the cool, soft-shell glasses case and cleaning cloth that comes with them. These Serengeti Sport glasses take care of my eyes so they’re are worth taking care of. You can also get these Cielos made with prescription lenses. I may just have to invest in these too.

You can buy Serengeti Performance sunglasses at outdoor retailers or online. For more, check out

— by Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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Bobbie Hasselbring

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