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The Lighthouse Breakfast Cookbook: Wake Up to It

Book cover of the Lighthouse Breakfast Cookbook

At many inns and bed and breakfasts, the morning meal is little more than a selection of cereals and pastries. Not at Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast on the Oregon coast.

In 1995, Carol and Mike Korgan opened the lightkeeper’s house as a bed a breakfast. Since 1894, lightkeepers had tended the Heceta Head Lighthouse and they and their families lived in the Queen Anne-style house. When the Korgan’s turned the home into a bed and breakfast, they introduced sumptuous seven-course breakfasts that have become a treasured trademark. editors have had the pleasure of staying at Heceta Head Lighthouse B&B and we know first-hand just how delicious these seven-course breakfasts are. In The Lighthouse Breakfast Cookbook Carol, Korgan and her daughter Michelle Bursey share 100 of their favorite seasonal breakfast dishes.
This is a beautifully-illustrated, hardback book. It begins with the history of the Korgans and Michelle and her husband, Steve, and their journey in developing and running the B&B. They also includ the fascinating history of Heceta Head along with historic black and white photos of the lighthouse, the keeper’s houses, and various lighthouse keepers and their families who worked at Heceta.

Korgan and Bursey divide the cookbook just like they divvy up their seven-course feasts: fruit; sweet bread; seafood; frappés; eggs; meat; dessert; and fruit and cheese. They include a “basics” section that includes some excellent information like strategies for making the dishes come out like they do at Heceta (e.g. use real vanilla, large eggs, unsalted butter, etc.) and how to make crème frÎche, dulce de leche, and pastry cream, how poach eggs properly, freeze berries, grind poppy seeds, and more. They include a special ingredients glossary for ingredients that some cooks may not be familiar with such as coconut powder and elderflower syrup. They also promote the local suppliers they use by giving readers contact information for ingredients they often use at the B&B¸ including purveyors who supply unusual or hard-to-find products like salal jelly.

The authors introduce each recipe with personal insights or stories about the recipe or the suppliers that make the dishes possible. Each section begins with stories about the B&B or comments from the authors about their cooking philosophy. Most of the recipes are illustrated with stunning photographs by Tim Mantoani. The result is a cookbook that is not only beautiful, but also personal. The reader learn about how to cook the recipes in the book and also a little something about the people who created both the recipes and Heceta Head B&B.

Real bottom Line: The Lighthouse Breakfast Cookbook is a great choice for anyone who loves a sumptuous breakfast. You can follow the cookbook’s courses to create your own breakfast feast or pick and choose one, two, three, or more dishes to make for yourself or your family and guests. This visually beautiful book makes a terrific gift for yourself or for loved ones.

You can certainly find The Lighthouse Breakfast Cookbook online from sources like But it’s way more fun to go to Heceta Head Lighthouse B&B and experience not only the stunning scenery and graceful hospitality, but taste firsthand the authors’ wonderful recipes. Then you can buy a signed copy (or two or three) of this lovely cookbook right from the source.

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Bobbie Hasselbring

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