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The James Gang BBQ Company Seasoning Rubs: Distinctively Delicious

Steak Rubbed with James Gang BBQ Seasoning

The James Gang BBQ Company is a family-owned company that sells BBQ and grilling sauces, dry rubs, and chili and cornbread mix. In this review, we took a taste of three of their rubs: Mesquite, Rib Rub, and Salmon and Trout Rub. Each comes in generous 5-ounce shaker jar and we really loved them.

Previously, RFT editors reviewed some of  The James Gang BBQ Sauces and we really liked them. However, I was genuinely surprised that I was equally fond of their rubs because I’ve never been a big dry rub fan. The James Gang BBQ Company changed my mind. Like their sauces, The James Gang Rubs are each distinctive and delicious and they makes an interesting addition to meats.

Raw Lamb with seasoning

The Mesquite Rub added a smoky richness to a butterflied leg of lamb cooked on the grill.

The Mesquite Rub contains sea salt, brown sugar, Hungarian paprika, roasted garlic, mesquite smoke powder, black pepper, sweet chili pepper, pepper flakes, cayenne, and spices. The result is both smoky and sweet. To test the mesquite rub, I added a little olive oil and a thick layer of the rub to a butterflied leg of lamb and tossed it on the grill. The rub gave the cooked roast a lovely reddish color and nice aroma. The flavor from the Mesquite Rub was subtle, not overwhelming and just slightly smoky. The flavor was so enjoyable that next time I’ll use even more of the rub.

Fish rubbed with James Gang BBQ

RFT editors added a bit of mayonnaise and the Salmon and Trout Rub to previously frozen salmon fillets with spectacular results.

For the Salmon and Trout Rub, I used two frozen salmon fillets. Since the fish was frozen, I wanted to add both moisture and more flavor to it. So I put on a thin layer of mayonnaise (for moisture) and shook on plenty of the Salmon and Trout Rub and popped the fish under the broiler. The salmon was both moist and flavorful. In addition to the many seasonings like garlic, chili powder, and red pepper, this rub contains brown sugar and lemon and orange peel which gives the fish a sweet and slightly citrusy flavor.  The fish emerged from the broiler a lovely bronze color and the rub added flavor was complex and delicious without overwhelming the salmon.

Rib with BBQ seasoning

The Rib Rub made a suprisingly delicious addition to NY steaks.

The Rib Rub, which is a mixture of Hickory smoke salt, sea salt, garlic, onion, raw sugar, garlic oil, paprika, and spices., offers a sweet smoky element. In this reviewer’s opinion, it’s an especially great addition to pork ribs and adds a lip-smacking richness to the meat without being hot. I liked the Rib Rub so much that I added it with a little olive oil to a thick New York steak that I cooked under the broiler. The result was slightly sweet, just a bit smoky, and very delicious.

Bottles of James Gang BBQ Company Seasoning

The James Gang Barbeque Company offers a variety of different rubs that can be ordered online. 

The James Gang BBQ Company also makes Wild Game Seasoning, Game Bird Seasoning, Cajun rub, Chipotle Chicken Rub, and Seasoning Salt. You can find their products in specialty stores in the Pacific Northwest like Made in Oregon or you can order them online. – Review BH






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