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Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard: Sweet, Tangy Deliciousness

Dish with Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard

Honey mustard is honey mustard, right? Not really. Like other foods, there are run-of-the-mill products and then those that really shine. Beaverton Food’s new Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard is one of those shining stars.

Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard is thick with a robust, tangy flavor that’s not overly sweet. Honey and maple syrup lend a mild sweetness that has a depth and complexity often lacking in sweet mustards. The whole mustard seeds add a nice crunchy texture.

The mustard contains sugar, mustard seed, balsamic and white vinegars, water, honey, maple syrup, onions, and spices like tumeric, garlic, paprika, and annatto that give the condiment a deep rustic brown color. We found Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard to be especially delicious on sandwiches or served with classics like sausages.

Bottle of Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard

Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard comes in a squeezable plastic bottle.

The food world has noticed Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard too. It won a Gold Award at the 17th annual World-Wide Mustard Competition held at the Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin. Recently, Progressive Grocer magazine honored it as an “Editor’s Pick.”

Food with Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard

The whole mustard seeds give this Inglehoof Mustard a slightly crunchy texture and added an interesting subtle sweetness to my meatloaf sandwich.

I only have two complaints about this delicious mustard. If I don’t thoroughly wipe off the plastic lid, the honey mustard makes it difficult to open. And I can’t stop eating it!

Beaverton Foods is a privately-held company in Hillsboro, Oregon, that makes specialty mustards and gourmet sauces and spices under the labels Beaver, Inglehoffer, Napa Valley, Tulelake, and Pacific Farms. The company is also the largest producer of non-refrigerated horseradish and the only manufacturer of authentic wasabi paste in North America.

In the Northwest, Inglehoffer Honey Mustard is available at a wide range of grocery stores. Orders can also be made online or by calling (800) 223-8076.


— BH


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