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OleBob’s, Illwaco, WA: Albacore Tuna That Rocks

Albacore Tuna in BowlCanned tuna is usually not very exciting. I thought so too. That is until I sampled the Solid White Albacore Tuna packed by OleBob’s (pronounced Oly-Bobs) Seafood Market in Ilawaco, Washington. Unlike tuna that’s commercially packed in large factories, OleBob’s Albacore Tuna contains no water. It’s just high-quality Albacore tuna and salt. Now this is artisan canned tuna.

alabocore tuna with no added water

OleBob’s packs their alabocore tuna with no added water.

In fact, the fish is packed in the can so tightly, it’s a bit tough to get out. The result is no watery taste and much more tuna in the can. Normally, I can get two sandwiches out of a commercial-style can of tuna that I purchase in the grocery store. OleBob’s tuna produced two huge sandwiches packed with tuna, plus enough left over for another. Eating a sandwich made with Olebob’s tuna left me feeling full and really satisfied.

Solid Pack Albacore Tuna

The liquid you see on the top of this solid pack albacore is the fish’s natural oil.

But it’s the taste of OleBob’s tuna that made me a real fan. It’s so fresh, this tuna tastes like chicken with just the slightest hint of the ocean. If you’ve never tried real artisan tuna like this, you’ve got to try it.

Olebob’s Seafood Market is a small, family-owned market in the fishing town of Illwaco on the Long Beach Peninsula on the Washington coast. OleBob’s is named after Bob Hagerup and his best friend and fishing partner Alan “Ole” Olson.

Albacore Tuna on Toast

You get more tuna per can because this company doesn’t add water to their seafood.

In addition to peddling fresh seafood and their wonderful Albacore canned tuna. Olebob’s also sells canned wild Pacific salmon and smoked wild salmon. You can buy OldBob’s tuna and other seafood at their market in Illwaco (and it’s well worth a visit to the Long Beach Peninsula) or you can order it by phone 1-888-748-8156 or by email SEAFOOD@OLEBOBS.COM

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