Sooke Harbour House From the Kitchen Jams: Extraordinarily Delicious

Jelly on Toast

Foodies in the Northwestern U.S. know well Sooke Harbour House, that iconic restaurant and inn on Vancouver Island. The restaurant at Sooke Harbour House was one of the first In the Northwest to adopt the use of local, organic, sustainable ingredients and, even more impressive, create an entirely new menu every day based on the freshest ingredients available. It’s definitely a place to go for extraordinary food and their Sooke Harbour House From the Kitchen Jams allow you to bring home a taste to remember.

Sooke Harbour House Jams, available in the inn’s small gift shop and online, aren’t ordinary spreads. They combine fresh, local berries and other fruits with herbs and spices. All of the jams made in the Sooke Harbour House kitchen aren’t overly sweet. Instead, they celebrate the freshness of the fruits, elevating the natural flavors and accenting them with flavor combinations that are original and delicious.

Spoon with jam on Toast

Each jam allows the natural flavors of the fruit, herbs, and other seasonings to shine through.

For instance, we tried their Cherry, French Mint & Black Pepper Jam and the cherries tasted like they were just picked from the tree and the mint and black pepper gave the jam an incredible depth. Who’d think that black pepper would be a wonderful ingredient in jam, but it is. While the jar of Cherry, French Mint & Black Pepper Jam lasted (and that wasn’t long), it became my favorite toast spread.

Small Jar of Jam

Sooke Harbour House Jams are availabe at their online gift shop or at the restaurant on Vancouver Island.

We also tried Sooke Harbour House’s Apricot, Blueberry & Fruit Sage Jam. I’m a big blueberry fan and I really appreciated the fat, chewy blueberries in this chunky jam. The apricot gave the blueberries another flavor note and the sage offered just a hint of savory flavor as a counterpoint. One of my favorite ways to eat this jam is on a crunchy toasted baguette – it’s the perfect blalance of fruity goodness and slightly sour bread.

Note: These jams aren’t full of preservatives and will go bad after a few weeks, even under refrigeration. They’re too delicious to let that happen, so enjoy them while you can.

The jam flavors available at Sooke Harbour House depend on what’s fresh and in season. When I recently visited their online gift shop, they listed grape, yellow plum, quince, and strawberry and lemon verbena. If you visit Sooke Harbour House, you’ll likely find even more flavors. — BH




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