Crème Delicious Cakes: Tiny Jewel Boxes of Flavor

Crème Delicious cakes, artisanal cakes

Imagine a tiny gift, a delicious gift, a jewel box of a gift that would delight any foodie. Then you have an idea what Crème Delicious cakes are all about.

The tiny, henna-inspired cakes are miniature works of art – and they’re delicious. The New York-based Crème Delicious makes exquisite, hand decorated cakes in hearts or squares in a variety of cake flavors – chocolate, vanilla, green-tea, red-velvet, and champagne with buttercream in Jasmine white chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, strawberry, mango, and green tea.

Crème Delicious cakes

Crème Delicious cakes are as tasty as they are beautiful.

RFT editors sampled one of Crème Delicious chocolate pink heart cakes. It came frozen, packed with dry ice, and wrapped in an elaborate, black and white box and with a beautiful black ribbon. The cake, with a creamy center, was fine-textured, delicate, and tasty (and probably even better if you could get one fresh rather than frozen from New York), but it was the intricate design that thrilled us – a miniature Indian-inspired piece of art that was almost too beautiful to eat.

Crème Delicious Cakes

You can have a tiny Crème Delicious cake all to yourself.

You can treat yourself or a friend by ordering Crème Delicious cakes online (minimum 4 cakes) at 

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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  1. Another cake shop in NYC

    Wow…those mini cakes have a ridiculous amount of detail to them. I commend the amount of work that went into each little cake, it’s insane! Hopefully you’re able to charge enough for them! 🙂

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