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Peanut Butter Snickers Pie from Prime 112

Prime 112 - Peanut Butter Snickers Pie Recipe

Robert Gonzalez, Head Pastry Chef at South Florida’s steakhouse, Prime 112, shares this cool, creamy pie with layered Snickers atop an Oreo cookie base. Okay, if you’re dieting skip this one, but if you’ve got the calories to spare, you’ll love it.

4 C Ground Oreos
2 C Melted Butter

32 oz Chocolate
3 C Heavy Cream

Snickers Layer:
8 Ground Snickers
1/3 C Corn Syrup

Peanut Butter Mousse:
12 oz Butter
8 oz Light Brown Sugar
16 oz Powder Sugar
28 oz Peanut Butter

32 oz Whipping cream for topping


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a food processor grind Oreos to fine crumbs. Mix in a bowl with melted butter. Pat mixture into bottom and sides of a 12″ deep dish pie pan. Bake for 12 minutes. Set aside.
2. In a medium sauce pan, bring heavy cream to a simmer over medium heat. Add chocolate and whisk to dissolve. Remove from heat and pour about 3 cups of this mixture (called a ganache) into pie shell and refrigerate until firm.
3. In a food processor, grind Snickers until crumbly dough forms. Transfer to a medium bowl and add corn syrup and mix until incorporated. Collect dough into a ball and flatten on top of Oreo chocolate pie crust.
4. In a large bowl, set an electric mixer at medium high speed and cream butter and both sugars until light colored and fluffy; add peanut butter until well blended.
5. Whip cream until thickened and soft peaks just begin to form. Fold whipped cream into peanut butter until well blended. Fill Oreo chocolate snickers pie crust with peanut butter mousse and refrigerate to firm.
6. Whip topping cream until thickened and top pie.

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Bobbie Hasselbring

RFT founder and the website's former editor-in-chief, Bobbie Hasselbring has been a travel junkie her entire life. She's been an award-winning writer and editor for more than 25 years and author of the regional food-travel bestsellers, The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest and The Chocolate Lover’s Guide Cookbook.

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