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Crispy Hog Heaven in Richmond, B.C.

Parker Place Meat & BBQ, roast pork, Richmong, B.C.

There’s a television show on the food network where foodies talk about the best food they ever ate. Well, the cracklin’ crispy roast pork at the Parker Place Fresh Meat and BBQ in Richmond, B.C. qualifies as one of those best-ever foods for me (and as a food writer, that’s saying a lot).

Richmond, B.C. is a city on the outskirts of Vancouver, B.C. that’s rightfully becoming renowned for some of the best Asian food on the planet. That’s because 65% of the city’s population is Asian. In fact, there are more than 400 Asian restaurants in Richmond. So it’s not surprising that Richmond can boast the best Chinese roast pork in Canada or maybe even North America.

Parker Place Meat & BBQ Richmond, B.C., sign.

Parker Place Meat & BBQ's sign doesn't indicate this is someplace special, but it is.

Parker Place Fresh Meat and BBQ is a modest Chinese butcher shop tucked behind the food court and down one of the hallways in Parker Place, one of four Asian shopping malls in the city, and reputedly the “most Asian” of the centers.

You’ll know you’ve arrived at Parker Place Fresh Meat and BBQ by the long line of people that snakes out the door and down the hallway. This is a traditional Chinese butchery with whole crispy ducks hanging in the window and entire sides of beef and pork hanging along the walls.

Parker Place Meat & BBQ roast ducks and pork in the window.

This traditional Chinese butcher shop and BBQ features whole ducks and slabs of roast pork hanging in the window.


The good news is the butchers are fast and even when the line is long (which is most of the time), the wait isn’t. When you order the roast pork, the butcher will ask if you want it fatty or less fatty. Opt for less fatty and you’ll still get plenty of juicy, succulent thick slices of pork with thick, crisp pork skin that’ll leave your fingers dripping with juice and fat and your mouth craving more. — BH

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Bobbie Hasselbring

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