West Shore Café and Inn’s Mushrooms with Dipping Sauce

Stuffed mushrooms at West Shore Cafe

These easy-to-make stuffed and fried mushrooms make a quick appetizer or the perfect after-ski snack.


Ed Note: RFT Ski Editor Yvette Cardozo discovered these delicious little morsels during a ski trip to Tahoe. Read about her ski adventure at the lake.

Recipe and photo Courtesy Of West Shore Cafe & Inn



Button mushrooms wiped clean with stem popped out

Fill mushroom with Garlic-Herb Boursin cheese

Dip into tempura batter mix (available in most supermarkets)

(Be sure to completely coat mushroom to prevent cheese leakage)

Fry two or three minutes in hot but not smoking oil until golden brown. (Carefully dribble water into the oil and if it sizzles, it’s ready).



Horseradish Cream Dipping Sauce

1/2 C prepared horseradish

1 C sour cream

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Dash each of Tabasco and Worcestshire

Salt and Pepper to taste


Yvette Cardozo, RFT Ski & Dive Editor

Yvette Cardozo from the Seattle, Washington area, likes to visit interesting places and learn about interesting cultures and, if a tasty local dish is involved, so much the better. She’s eaten everything from gourmet food at the world’s finest restaurants to native food in Asia, the arctic, and all kinds of places in between.Yvette recalls being in Antarctica and going out on the land with Inuit elders in arctic Canada , then bagging a caribou. They dragged it back to camp and ate it on the spot raw. She quips, “Hey, if you like steak tartare….”Yvette, who is a veteran skier and diver, is RFT’s Ski & Dive Editor.

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