Mingua Beef Jerky: Natural Beefy Goodness

Mingua Kentucky Beef Jerky

Kentucky’s Mingua Beef Jerky is delicious.

As a traveler and the editor of realfoodtraveler.com, I’m always on the lookout for artisan foods or regional foods that represent the essence of an area. While I was in Kentucky, I came across an artisan/regional product that does just that: Mingua Beef Jerky.

Mingua (pronounced Ming-Gwa) is the brainchild of Ronnie and Pam Mingua of Paris, Kentucky, who, along with partners Curtis, Holly and Cannon Mackley, make some of the best, natural beef jerky I’ve ever encountered.

What makes Mingua Beef Jerky different? For one thing, the jerky is made from whole pieces of sliced beef rather than chopped or formed beef that’s put back together to resemble the real thing. For another, they slice the jerky ultra thin. This makes it easier to chew, keeps the meat slightly moist, and allows you to really taste the flavors.

Mingua beef jerkey slice

The thinness of the beef makes Mingua Beef Jerky easy to chew and allows the flavors to really shine.

The Minguas also don’t add a lot of chemicals or additives to their beef and you can taste the difference. The ingredients include beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, and liquid smoke. In their Cajun flavor, they also add Cajun seasoning. The result is a deep, rich, beefy flavor that’s all real and really delicious.

Their jerky comes in regular and Cajun style and in mild, medium, and hot varieties. I tried their Cajun style medium and found it chewy, meaty, and spicvy good. It left my tongue tingling! I also sampled their regular mild flavor. It has the same rich beefy flavor as Cajun without the heat.

Mingua hand-crafted beef jerkey

This stuff is additive!

We used Mingua Beef Jerky as a road snack and all of us found this stuff absolutely addicting. One warning: have plenty of water or other drinks available as the jerky tends to make one thirsty.

Mingua Beef Jerky is sold throughout stores in Kentucky (we purchaseded it as gas station convenience stores) and a smattering of retailers in Virginia, Georgia, and Texas.

The good news is you can also order Mingua Beef Jerkey online at www.minguabeefjerky.com/ If you’re a jerky lover, you won’t be sorry.– BH

  • http://www.armadillopepper.com Armadillo Pepper

    Mingua jerky is a great choice if you like thinly sliced jerky. It is one of my favorite brands and their Teriyaki flavor is my daughter’s favorite of all jerky. It is a very popular seller at our Jacksonville, FL retail store and our on-line store. Thanks for the post!

    • http://realfoodtraveler.com Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

      Thanks for writing. Yep, Mingua is great jerky. We, too, love the fact that it’s thinly sliced and doesn’t require endless chewing to eat it. Cheers! — Bobbie, RFT Editor

    • Chris

      Where in Jacksonville is you retail store and what’s it called? I am going to be working there in a few weeks and would love to get some hot mingua!

      • http://realfoodtraveler.com Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

        Hi Chris,
        Well, that’s a good question, but I’m afraid I can’t answer it. We’d just stopped at a gas station convenience store and picked up the Mingua Beef Jerky. It’s readily available locally. However, you can also order it online http://www.minguabeefjerky.com or contact them (same website) and ask about retailers that sell their product near where you’re traveling. Good luck. — Bobbie, RFT Editor

  • nick

    I believe the correct pronunciation is MING-ghee

    • http://realfoodtraveler.com Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

      Hi Nick,
      Ah, perhaps so. Anyway you pronounce it, Mingua Beef Jerky is delicious. Thanks for writing and for reading RFT. Cheers! — Bobbie, RFT Editor