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Cucumber Chili Margarita Recipes (Two!), Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cucumber chili margarita drink

Ed note: RFT Correspondent Yvette Cardozo brings us these two unusual and delicious cucumber margarita recipes from Mexico’s tropical Riviera Maya. Each is a little different. The first, from the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort, is more authentic, but requires a little more work. The second, from Paradisus Resort, uses bottled sweet and sour mix so it’s quick and easy. We suggest you try them both and see which you like better.

Recipe and photo Courtesy Fairmont Mayakoba Resorts

Habanero and Cucumber Margarita

11/2 oz tequila Milagro Reposado (obviously you can use any kind of Tequila you’d like, but this is the brand they use at Mayakoba Resort)

1/2 oz Controy (this is a Mexican brand Liqueur similar to French Cointreau)

11/2 ounces lime juice

1/8 Fresh cucumber, sliced with no seeds

Dash Agave Nectar

Habanero chili, just to add flavor, needs to be a very small portion, remove all seeds and veins


Mix all ingredients in a shaker or blender with ice.

Chili powder for rim  of the glass


Slices of cucumber

Rub rim of a chilled glass with a piece of lime. Dip the rim of the glass in a saucer of salt and chili powder until it is evenly coated. Pour into the glass and garnish with a slice of cucumber.


Cucumber Chili Margarita

Recipe Courtesy Laurent Brouard, Executive Chef, Paradisus Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico

2 Oz Tequila
3 Oz Sweet and Sour Mix
1/4 Medium cucumber, peeled
Dash lime juice
Slice cucumber

Crust of salt, lime, and chili piquin powder (a type of chili powder, but a less intense chili powder would do as well) for the rim of the glass (use sugar with the lime and chili powder as an alternative).

Blend all ingredients except what will be used on rim and a cucumber slice in blender with ice, pour in rock glass or margarita glass.
Rub rim of glass with lime and dip in salt/chili powder mix. Add cucumber slice and enjoy.

Like this drink? Check out our Chaya Juice recipe. It’s refreshing without the alcohol.

Also see Yvette’s report on Spas in the Riviera Maya.

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Yvette Cardozo, RFT Ski & Dive Editor

Yvette Cardozo from the Seattle, Washington area, likes to visit interesting places and learn about interesting cultures and, if a tasty local dish is involved, so much the better. She’s eaten everything from gourmet food at the world’s finest restaurants to native food in Asia, the arctic, and all kinds of places in between.Yvette recalls being in Antarctica and going out on the land with Inuit elders in arctic Canada , then bagging a caribou. They dragged it back to camp and ate it on the spot raw. She quips, “Hey, if you like steak tartare….”Yvette, who is a veteran skier and diver, is RFT’s Ski & Dive Editor.

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