Hotel Aldearoqueta, Castellón, Spain: “The Little Hamlet”

Hotel Aldearoqueta, Castellón, Spain

Hotel Aldearoqueta is nestled in the mountains of Maestrazgo on the site of a formerly inhabited traditional farmhouse. It consists of 18 beautiful suites, each with unique characteristics and a private terrace overlooking the Sierra Engarcerán Valley.

The complex, which is more like a modern interpretation of a Spanish hamlet than a traditional hotel, breathes tranquility. It is impossible to not feel relaxed here. Guests enjoy solitude and fresh air with background noise only of chirping birds and a soothing fountain in the main ‘square’. Yet the design and character of Aldearoqueta also provides a comfortable sense of community so that one never feels too alone.

The complex took six years to build from concept to construction. Great attention is paid to maintaining the traditional character of place. The hotel blends smoothly into the landscape and merges with the old stone walls, water wells, and sheds that remain standing since the area was more actively cultivated in years past.

Valley Aldearoqueta, Spain

The Sierra Engarcerán Valley is one of unparalleled rural beauty.

The hotel contains a library with books and magazines for guests to peruse and a communal living room open 24 hours a day where visitors can socialize, enjoy a cocktail, and play cards or billiards. There is a shared outdoor patio with a sleek fountain and a sculpture designed by the local artist Mariano Poyatos who owns a gallery just down the road. The property remains naturally cool with plenty of plants, trees, flowers, vines and shaded halls.

At Aldearoqueta guests can enjoy undisturbed peace and solitude, a stimulating tour of this historically significant region, a romantic getaway, or outdoor activities such as mountain hikes, biking, or exploration via 4 x 4. Visitors can catch a unique glimpse into a place rich in history, culture, and natural beauty while dining on seasonal foods and distinctive artisanal products.

“Todo bien?” Our convivial host often queried us. Si, todo es perfecto. I replied in poor form, but with great sincerity. My rudimentary Spanish language (not to mention Valencian) prevented me from elaborating further, yet I have, in fact, rarely been so fully content in travel as during these three days of bliss at Aldearoqueta. – by Lindsay Milich, RFT Contributor

Hotel Aldearoqueta

Mas d´en Roqueta, s/n

12163 Culla, Castellón, España

+ 34 964 762 195


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