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Breakfast at Traders, Yangon, Myanmar

Traders Hotel, Myanmar, noodle soup fixings

When my husband, John, and I are in Asia, we are always impressed by the variety of items on hotel breakfast buffets. Most hotels of any status try to provide something to whet the appetite of all nationalities and make them feel at home.

For instance, for the British guests there are always beans and grilled tomatoes. Americas can order bacon and eggs while the Japanese can enjoy miso soup with various side dishes to spice it up. Chinese travelers will find dim sum and congee, a rice-based porridge. Truly, visitors to America, especially Asian visitors, often have more trouble finding food they like than Americans do in Asia.

Traders Hotel, which is part of the Shangri-la family of hotels, is one of the few chain hotels represented in Myanmar and one of the finest. It is a centrally located, full-service hotel with a pool, spa, workout room, and restaurants. Their Yangon hotel breakfast buffet at Traders Café serves an incredible variety of food from around the world. There is even one section that has halal food for those of the Islamic faith.

Traders Hotel, Myanmar, room view

You can’t have a bad view from the rooms at Trader’s Hotel in Myanmar.

Before selecting items for breakfast, I suggest taking to take a tour of the buffet first. At Traders Hotel, you’ll find in the Chinese section dim sum and noodle soup with all the fixings, plus congee – fish, chicken or plain. From the Japanese section, guests could opt for miso soup, teriyaki chicken, and braised pumpkin. The Myanmar section has mohinga, a fish–based soup that is the national dish of Myanmar. To please the Indian palate, and vegetarians, there is potato curry, sambar, and, for Malaysians, there is char kway teow, which is a noodle dish that is the national dish of Malaysia, and one of my favorites.

Traders Hotel, Myanmar, Dim Sum

Dim sum, tasty little bites of Chinese food, is one of the food options at Trader’s Hotel in Myanmar.

Trader’s Café also offers a variety of cheeses, fruits, vegetables, muffin, breads, yogurts, pancakes, and cereals – truly something for everyone. I complemented Chef Ting Thai Yii on his vast selection of items. I miss the variety when I am in the United State because no restaurant serves such a range of global foods.

I brought back some easy recipes from Chef Ting to make at home. Click here for Chef Ting’s Indian Potato Curry recipe. And here for his Malaysian Char Kway Teow recipe. – Story and photos by Sandra Scott, RFT Contributor

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Sandra Scott

Sandra Scott is a retired history teacher from Upstate New York. Scott has been traveling worldwide since the 1980s and writing about her travels since 1990. Her husband, John, is her traveling/writing/cooking partner. Their travels have taken them to over 100 countries, some several times. The Scotts have found that cooking experiences are an excellent way to meet people and learn about the local culture. Sandra tries to leave the cooking part to John while she takes notes and images. She believes that if John can make the recipe anyone can.