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Kent Island Crab Cakes: Something Deliciously Different to Wow Any Party

Blue Crab crab cakes, Kent Island Crab Cakes

Kent Island Crab Cakes makes delicious party appetizers.

Tired of the same old cheese, crackers, chips and dips for your next party like that Super Bowl event you’re planning? Check out Kent Island Crab Cakes appetizer selections, including their Super Bowl Sampler. It’s a deliciously different take on entertaining with flavors that’ll thrill your guests and easy prep that’ll leave you cheering.

Kent Island Crabs Cakes is a third generation, family-owned company of people born and bred in the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay – the largest estuary in the United States. They make everything by hand and use real ingredients. You won’t find a lot of fillings, preservatives, or artificial anything. Instead, you’ll find real food made with real ingredients by real people.

Super Bowl Sampler, Kent Island Crab Cakes

Kent Island’s Super Bowl Sampler comes packed in dry ice to keep it frozen until you’re ready to bake them.

The Super Bowl Sampler arrived at our offices, shipped overnight in a cardboard box chilled by dry ice. I must admit, I wasn’t too impressed. After all, frozen food doesn’t look great and I wondered whether our Kent Island Crab Cakes Super Bowl Sampler would pass the scrutiny of’s editorial panel and earn our recommendation. I needn’t have worried.

Inside, were three freezer bags filled with Asiago-crusted Asparagus Spears, Olive Tapenade Pinwheels, and Mini Crab Cakes made with Blue Crab from the Chesapeake Bay area. Each came with instructions on how to heat in the oven. Note to cooks: none of these appetizers cooked at the same temperature or the same time, so you’ll need to plan ahead for your party.

Olive tapenade pinwheel appetizers, Kent Island Crab Cakes

These olive tapenade pinwheels bake up fluffy, crispy, and light-as-air. As one review commented, “They’re addictive!”

Olive tapenade pinwheels. These thin, flaky, puff pastry pinwheels emerged from the oven fat, light, and tantalizing with a center of assertively flavored olive tapenade. One reviewer said as she gulped down another, “This crust is crunchy and addictive.”

Another, not a fan of olives, loved the delicate pastry, but wanted the filling to be a flavor more to her liking like Italian sausage and mushrooms.

Within just a few minutes, the editorial board polished off the entire tray of pinwheels. Since our editorial board is comprised of veteran cooks, chefs, and food writers/reviewers, that in itself, speaks volumes.

Fresh Asparagus with Asiago Cheese. These tasty little treats are made with fresh asparagus hand wrapped in crisp buttery

Asiago asparagus, Kent Island Crab Cakes

The fresh asparagus are wrapped in delicate Phyllo dough and sprinkled with salty, tangy asiago cheese.

Phyllo and sprinkled with Asiago Cheese. The cheese browned up and the phyllo became nicely crisp in the oven, but the asparagus stayed beautifully green and even retained its tooth. It’s a salty, crunchy treat that’s a great way to get your veggies.

Mini-crab cakes, Kent Island

The mini-crab cakes got a brush of mayonnaise before going into the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Mini-appetizer Crab Cakes. The reviewers felt these crab cakes were the real stars of our Super Bowl Sampler. However, be forewarned: since the Sampler box was clearly stamped “keep frozen,” we didn’t realize until almost too late that the crab cakes need to thaw in the refrigerator for one hour before baking. Alas, we busied ourselves with baking, sampling and reviewing the other appetizers in the Sampler while the crab cakes thawed. But if you’re serving these for a party, plan time for these to thaw before cooking.

There were six golf ball-sized crab cakes, each weighing an ounce, that were made with jumbo lump crab meat, mayonnaise, bread cubes, eggs, Bay seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, dry mustard, and parsley. These crab cakes are made with Blue Crab, the sweet and delicate crustacean of Chesapeake Bay. Over the years, the Blue Crab in these parts has become scarce – and expensive. However, Kent Island refuses to make their crab cakes with less tasty crab and the result is deliciously salty, sweet, moist crab cakes with big toothy chunks of crab and the slightest touch of heat.

The instructions said to brush each crab cake with a bit of mayonnaise or melted butter. We opted for mayo and it kept our cakes deliciously moist with edges that were slightly crispy.

On tasting her first Kent Island mini-crab cake, one reviewer said, “I’m at the beach!” Another proclaimed, “These make me a Blue Crab believer.”

Blue crab cakes, Kent Island

These mini-crab cakes are chock full of big pieces of jumbo lump crab from the Blue Crabs of Chesapeake.

Of course, the problem with serving these rich, sumptuous crab cakes is that your guests will devour them. They’ll forget the chips and dip and wipe out the crab cakes first (don’t say we didn’t warn you).

As for our review panel, we ruined our own dinners sampling these tasty and filling appetizers. Or, as one of our editors said, “You could make a tapas dinner out of these.” And indeed we did.

Kent Island Crab Cakes ships their Super Bowl Sampler and other delicious food products anywhere in the United States.


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