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Tarté Asian Yogurt: Healthy, Tasty Alternative

tarte asian yogurt stackIf you’ve ever stood in front of a dairy case looking for yogurt, you know the options are limited. Most are loaded with sugar, artificial colors, thickeners, and preservatives, and plenty of calories. Many of these “yogurts” don’t even contain the live cultures that help with digestion and make yogurt healthful. More recently, Greek yogurts have become popular. They have less sugar, a nice creaminess, and contain cultures, but they’re often too sour. Enter Tarté Asian Yogurt, a truly healthy and tasty yogurt.

Tarte Asian Yogurt bowl

Tarté Asian Yogurt has a thick, creamy mouthfeel similar to Greek yogurt, but the taste isn’t as tart.

Asian yogurt? If you’ve ever traveled in Vietnam, you’ve probably seen street vendors selling Asian yogurt. It’s less sweet than Americanized yogurt and more tangy, but not as tart as Greek-style yogurt. Inspired by their Asian mother’s recipe for yogurt, a couple of young entrepreneurs set out to bring Asian-style yogurt to American grocery stores and Tarté Asian Yogurt was born.

One of the things I noticed immediately about Tarté was its thick, creamy mouthfeel. Yet it’s fat free. The other thing is that a small (six ounce) container of Tarté Asian Yogurt as an afternoon snack filled me up and kept me satisfied for several hours. That’s because Tarté is high in protein and balances protein and sugar in a 1:1 ratio. In fact, a serving of Tarte provides 14 grams of protein. It’s high in calcium, providing more than one-third of the daily recommended amount of this important mineral. It also contains the active live cultures L. bulgarius, S. thermophiles, Bifidus, and L. acidophilus. After a bout of food poisoning picked up while traveling, I used Tarté Yogurt to repopulate my digestive tract with healthy bugs.

Tarté Asian Yogurt is sweetened with Stevia, the natural, no-calorie sweetener derived from the Chrysanthemum family. Stevia doesn’t cause blood sugar swings associated with sugar and its zero calories are one of the reasons a six-ounce container of Tarté contains only 120 calories.

Equally impressive is what Tarté doesn’t contain. There are no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and it’s made from locally-sourced California milk free from rBST. It’s certified Kosher and it’s gluten-free.

Surprising Flavors, Green Company

Tarte yogurt graphics

The flavors of Tarté take their lead from Asian fruits, honey, and green tea.

The flavors maybe one of the most surprising things about Tarté Asian Yogurt. They’re subtle and take their cues from Asian flavors like soursop fruit and green tea. They include original (plain); mango coconut (reminds me of Thai mango sticky rice); blueberry acai that combines two “superfoods;” strawberry and guanabana (this fruit, also known as soursop or pawpaw, that tastes like a combination of strawberry/pineapple/lime); pometranate/goji, another combo of two “superfoods” (has a subtle earthy flavor); ” and green tea and honey (tastes a bit like green tea ice cream).

The other thing we love about Tarté Asian Yogurt is the company is dedicated to green, sustainable practices. Their manufacturing facility in California has a Zero Waste initiative that works to reduce waste and its carbon footprint. They use an anaerobic digester system that creates renewable methane gas and green electrical energy and their wastewater treatment helps conserve water and energy and reduce greenhouse gasses.

We like Tarté Asian Yogurt and think you will too. – Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor


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