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Seattle’s Hotel 1000: Old Fashioned Hospitality and New-Fangled Technology

Exterior of ultra-modern Seattle Hotel 1000

This luxury hotel offers both a warm welcome and space-age technology.

From the moment you arrive at Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle, you realize you are in for a treat. The curb side valet service, of course, is quick and friendly, but really, that is expected at a hotel like this one. However, you then step into the beautiful lobby with its clean, modern lines, lots of natural light– and you’re greeted by name (the valet must radio ahead!) and offered a lovely glass of sparkling wine or juice. You realize that you have entered a true oasis.

Hotel 1000 is located in downtown Seattle, within walking distance of the waterfront, Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, and historic Pioneer Square. Downtown Seattle is known for its hills, so for those who prefer less exertion on their excursions, the concierge will be happy to have you driven to and from your destination in the complimentary hotel car.

Hotel 1000 is modern and welcoming

The lobby of Hotel 1000 features clean, modern lines, lots of natural light, and genuine warm welcome.

Before heading out, you will want to spend some quality time in your guest room. Every room in the hotel is an almost surreal experience. Furnished with custom residential furnishings, the ambiance is far from a typical hotel. The rooms are, well, roomy, ranging from a minimum of 390 square feet to a full 2,000 square feet in the Grand Suite.

Many rooms offer floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of Puget Sound and the city. Along with beautiful furnishings and the astounding views, a highlight is definitely the bathing options. All of the rooms have a glass surround shower (some big enough for two) and a standalone pedestal tub. The tub is where you will find a couple of delightful surprises. The first is the little rubber ducky sitting on the side of the tub, a nice touch of whimsy in such elegant surroundings. The very friendly staff person helping us get settled into the room assured us that the ducks are meant to go home with the guests. And if you think that all bathtubs are pretty much the same, you will change your mind when you turn on the faucet. A waterfall from the ceiling cascades into the tub with de-aerated water that provides a steady stream and eliminates splashing! Once the tub is full, what could be better than a soak for two with a view of the city?

The guest rooms bear witness to the intent of the builders that their every decision should enhance the guest experience. Don’t bother looking for the doorknob hanger to let housekeeping know that you don’t want to be disturbed. Electronic “Do Not Disturb” and “Service Room” signals send your wishes immediately to housekeeping staff. And don’t worry about routine housekeeping interrupting you when you least expect it. Every guest room is equipped with an infrared signal which scans the room to detect body heat, letting housekeepers know without knocking that the room is occupied.

lusurious soaking tub in hotel 1000

You’ll want to slip into Hotel 1000’s luxurious bath and stay a while.

The Latest Technology

Cutting edge technology is found throughout the hotel. Studio 1000, a quiet alcove off the lobby, features a large table top Microsoft Surface for everything from the Virtual Concierge to explore Seattle neighborhoods, a card reader that allows you to upload your own photos for easy sharing, and, of course, games, all at the touch of your fingers.

For golf fanatics, a trip to the hotel’s virtual Golf Club is definitely in order. The club offers a golf experience at your choice of 50 of the world’s best courses. Much more than a video golf game, the courses are played with real clubs and balls hit against a huge, brilliant HD screen featuring the course of your choice. An infrared tracking system with 680 sensors calculates the velocity, spin, and trajectory of the ball. The Director of Golf is always on hand to assist and private instruction with a Golf Pro can be arranged. One difference between golfing at Hotel 1000 and actually being out on the links is that friendly hotel staff is available at any time to bring snacks and beverages. (And please, no jokes about indoor golf being the best option for rainy Seattle!)

Meetings in Hotel 1000 are technologically advanced

The technology at Hotel 1000 makes meetings a breeze.

With all the cutting edge technology, Hotel 1000 is the perfect place for meetings and conferences. Each of the meeting rooms features a “smart podium” for personal laptop connectivity, wireless remote control for AV and lighting, built-in and mobile video conference capabilities, and just about anything else you need for a well-run meeting.

Real Bottom Line: Hotel 1000 has all of the amenities one would expect at a luxury hotel – plus a number of unexpected wonders. The rates are surprisingly affordable, starting at around $150 for off-season weekdays. The location is ideal for visiting beautiful downtown Seattle and makes a perfect “get-a-way;” whether you are coming into the city from the surrounding area or flying in from across the country. –Elizabeth Fagin, RFT Contributor‎

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