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Hagensborg Chocolates: Artisan Single-Origin Chocolate Bars

All bars Hagengorg Wild Boar BarsHagensborg Chocolates is a boutique chocolate company based in Vancouver, Canada, that’s been using European techniques to make chocolates since 2006. Their second generation master chocolatier uses all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. They employ a fun and funky “pig” theme, including images of pigs and piggy “bites” out of the bars that adds levity to the often too-serious business of artisan chocolate.

Piggy bites and graphics make Wild Boar Bars fun.

Piggy bites and pig graphics make Wild Boar Bars fun.

Hagensborg’s newest creation is the Wild Boar Bar, 2.3 oz. bars made with single-origin cocoa beans. Using single-origin cocoa takes advantage of each area’s “terroir,” the land and climate that produces the beans, giving each chocolate a distinctive flavor. In addition, in some of the bars they’ve added interesting ingredients like lime and truffled almonds that further distinguish each bar.

Comparing bars Hagensborg Chocolates

Side by side it’s easy to see big differences in each Hagensborg bar.







Our editorial staff tried all five flavors in the Wild Boar selection: Equador 39% milk chocolate; Italy 39% milk chocolate; Madagascar 64% dark chocolate; Santo Domingo 70% Dark Chocolate; and Indonesia 71% dark.

Hagensborg Ecuador Milk Chocolate Bar

Wild Boar Ecuador 39% Milk Chocolate Bar: This is a good quality, ultra-creamy milk chocolate with intense fruity flavors that insists on being allowed to melt in the mouth. It also insists you keep coming back for more. This chocolate earned a favorite rating with one of our top editors.

Hagensborg Italy Chocolate Bar

Wild Boar Italy 39% Milk Chocolate with Truffled Salted Almonds: This silky milk chocolate, made with 85% organic ingredients, comes with almonds that have been sprinkled with salt, olive oil, and the rare black truffle, Ritovo, and then toasted. The small pieces of almond don’t detract from the smoothness of the milk chocolate, but instead give it a satisfying chewiness. The truffle delivers an interesting earthy quality and there’s a surprising salt finish. This was one of our editorial panelists hands-down favorites.

Hagensborg Madagascar Chocolate Bars

Wild Boar Madagascar 64% Dark Chocolate Bar: The Madagascar bar is an exotic dark chocolate that has a fresh, acidic taste with notes of red fruits. If you favor intensely flavored chocolate, you’ll like this one. However, at least for some of our editors, it proved too sharply flavored.

Hagensborg Santo Domingo Chocolate Bars

Wild Boar Santo Domingo 70% Dark Chocolate Bar: This dark chocolate has a strong chocolate flavor with notes of bourbon. It earned rave reviews from our editor-in-chief.


Hagensborg Indonesia Chocolate BarsWild Boar Indonesia 71% with Spiced Cashews: Another bar made with 85% organic ingredients, the Indonesia bar comes sprinkled with imported cashews and seasoned with garlic, chilies, and lime. The chocolate is very smooth and the cashews offer a soft crunch. The heat from the chilies comes at the finish. However, our panel found the garlic notes made this one less successful than the other bars in the line.


Real Bottom Line: Wild Boar Single-Origin Chocolate Bars are made with quality ingredients that anyone who loves chocolate will find interesting and satisfying. Unlike commercially mass produced chocolate bars, these aren’t chocolates that you sit down and eat in one sitting. Instead, we recommend taking small bites and savoring the sometimes subtle, other times intense differences in these single-origin chocolates. — Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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