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PEI’s Potato Chips: Worth their Crunch

Up close look at the The Original Atlantic Lobster Flavored ChipsPrince Edward Island, one of Canada’s furthest eastern provinces, is famous for growing potatoes. So it’s no surprise that two of the real food finds I discovered on the Island were potato chips: The Original Atlantic Lobster Flavored Potato Chips and Cow Chips, chocolate-covered potato chips. Both are made on the Island with local potatoes and both are fun, take-home treats.

PEI Atlantic Lobster Chips

Atlantic Lobster chips, a seasonal product on Prince Edward Island, really taste like lobster.

I found The Original Atlantic Lobster Flavored Chips at Jewell’s Country Store, a farm stand and green house just outside of Charlottetown, the Island’s largest city. The Lobster Flavored Chips come in a double wrapped bag—the chips are sealed in cellophane and the outside bag is an old fashioned double paper bag with a clever potato-style mesh window. The bag contains some entertaining facts about lobsters like that, when alarmed, they can jump backwards 25 feet and that the largest recorded lobster ever caught weighed a whopping 45 pounds.

PEI Cow Chips - covered in chocolate

Who can resist chocolate-covered PEI potato chips?

The chips themselves, which are a pleasant soft orange color, are cut super thin and crispy. The flavor is, well, rather lobster-like. Do these chips actually contain lobster? Not really. The bag says they contain “a hint of lobster seasoning” (whatever that means). These unique chips are only made during lobster season and often sell out before summer’s end. And they don’t come cheap. A 200 gram bag (about 7 ounces) sells for $6.99, but, if you’re a lobster lover, they’re worth it. I found these unusual chips delightfully crisp and strangely addictive.

Cow Chips PEI in packaging

Cow Chips, made right on Prince Edward Island, is a fun food product to bring home.

The second PEI potato chip product I discovered was Cow Chips made by Anne of Green Gables Chocolates (the same people who make Cows, the Island’s iconic ice cream). Cow Chips are thick, ruffled potato chips made with Island potatoes and covered on one side with milk chocolate. They sell their Cow Chips in plastic containers that hold 170 grams (about 6 ounces) of fat chocolate chips. As a chocolate fanatic, I’d like to see Cows use a better quality milk chocolate. However, their chips are still tasty and certainly a fun Island treat to bring home to friends and family. You can buy Cow Chips for $5.99 at any of the five PEI Cows Ice Cream store locations or in Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia. They’ll also ship direct to you. or  — Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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