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Miro and More at Seattle Art Museum

Seattle SkylineThere are museums and then there are great museums…Washington’s Seattle Art Museum (affectionately called SAM) is one of those wonderful institutions that elevates art to a whole new level. They recently treated us to a sneak preview of the season’s upcoming events, which include a Miro Exhibition that’s not to miss.

Miro's Woman Bird Star will be part of SAM's new exhibition.

Miro’s Woman Bird Star will be part of SAM’s new exhibition.

SAM’s three branches have stellar programs on tap for the upcoming year. Anyone who has not visited these crown jewels in Seattle’s cultural scene has missed some of the finest collections of art – both from top-drawer Northwest artists and from around the world.

The museum’s downtown location (situated by Seattle’s iconic Hammering Man, a 48-foot fabricated steel sculpture) will be featuring the only West Coast showing of the last 20 years of works by Joan Miro. The Catalan born master of modern painting and sculpture (and a contemporary of Picasso) sought to engage the relationships between his body of work in new and innovative ways.

“Miro, The Experience of Seeingbegins February 13 and runs to May 18, 2014. Forty-eight surrealist  works, including paintings, sculptures and drawings will be on display.

More to See

Miro Head BirdFor a different perspective, the Asian Art Museum at Seattle’s Volunteer Park is a must. Showing a vast collection of ancient and contemporary works the museum is an inclusive overview of cultures old and new. Located in a delightful Art Deco building, the entry is guarded by the justly famous camels and looks out over a cityscape framed by “Black Sun by Isamu Noguchi and sited here in 1969.

Olympic Sculpture Park is the third, not-to-miss SAM collection. Situated above and along the Seattle waterfront near Pier 70, the collection includes the classic and the whimsical. The park transitions from city scene to the often storm-tossed waters of Elliott Bay across to the gleaming snow decked Olympic Mountains. In 2014, is an impressive work by James Plensa, Echo” will be erected. Modeled on the daughter of a restaurant owner near his studio in Barcelona, the 46 foot high work references Echo the nymph from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The girls features have been elongated and abstracted by computer modeling and this sculpture will be a significant addition to an already impressive park. — Michael Fagin, RFT Contributor

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