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Rip van Wafels Amsterdam Caramel Filled Wafels: Ahhhh!

Rip van Wafels cookie hanging over coffee cupIn Amsterdam, Koffietijd, or coffee time, is a special tradition; a time to catch up with friends or take a moment for yourself. The wafel, a cookie made of two thin wafers with caramel in the middle, is a central part of this coffee break in Holland. Tradition is, during Koffietijd, you place a wafel over your coffee when it’s too hot to drink. In the time it takes the coffee to cool, the steam heats the caramel filling and flavors the wafel with the coffee’s aroma. Rip van Wafels is bringing this tradition to the U. S. with their Rip van Wafels Caramel Filled Amsterdam Wafel.

Natural Ingredients

The wafels from Rip van Wafels have a lot of great things going for them: They’re made with all natural ingredients, including wheat flour, non-hydrogenated margarine, sugar butter, eggs, salt molasses, spices and vanilla. Unlike many cookies sold in the U.S., there are no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. One big cookie (1.27 ounces) contains only 150 calories (50 from fat) and 18 g of sugar.

Three individual packages of Rip van Wafels

Rip van Wafels Caramel Filled Amsterdam Wafels are individually wrapped to keep them fresh and soft.

Given all that, you’d think Rip van Wafels Caramel Filled Amsterdam Wafels would taste like cardboard. Nope. They are quite delicious—the wafers are light and chewy with a delicate, spicy flavor and the caramel is buttery. They’re not overly sweet, but sweet enough that both children and adults will like them.

Unlike some Holland wafels I’ve tried, these are slightly soft. Because they are individually packaged, they retain their soft freshness.

I tried Rip van Wafels Amsterdam Wafels by themselves and they were quite good, but they are even better when eaten Amsterdam-style after slight heating with hot coffee. And I like them even better dunked right into my coffee (probably a throw back to childhood graham cracker and milk days!).

Rip van wafels dunking into cup of coffee

Okay, I’m a sucker for dipping these wafels right into my coffee.

The founder of Rip van Wafels says during his college days the U.S., he missed his daily coffee and wafel from growing up in Amsterdam. So he started making wafels in his dorm room kitchen. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Rip van Wafels is a full-fledged company that has recently relocated its headquarters to San Francisco, one of America’s specialty coffee meccas, where they’re hoping to transform American’s idea of a coffee break.

So where can you sample Rip van Wafels Caramel Filled Amsterdam Wafels? They sell them online (a box of 16 individually-wrapped wafels is $19.99).

Here at, we like these wafels and the idea of Koffietijd. We plan to make a break with coffee and a Rip Van Wafels Amsterdam wafel as part of our daily routine. – Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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