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Chukar Cherries: Yakima Valley Goodness Since 1988

Chukar Cherries in a tinOn a recent trip to Yakima Valley in South Central Washington, along with discovering terrific wines, enjoying wonderful meals, and taking in the scenery, Chukar Cherries, delectable chocolate covered cherries, came into my life.

When family and friends came over for dinner the day after the trip, we enjoyed a couple of bottles of the wine I’d brought home. After we’d eaten, we sat talking and finishing off our wine before dessert and coffee. I put out a dish of their Dark Chocolate Cherries for Wine. They were quickly gobbled up and everyone wanted to know where the treat had come from.

All Chukar's different chocolate covered cherries proved winners with my guests.

All Chukar’s different chocolate covered cherries proved winners with my guests.

A mix of Classic Cherries, Cabernet Cherries, Pinot Noir Cherries, and Chipotle Cherries, the dried cherries and dark chocolate was excellent with the last of our red wine. That little kick of red wine or spice to the chocolate pairs perfectly with the wine even and dark chocolate. Put a bowl of these out to share with friends—and keep some around to snack on yourself.

A production worker overseeing the coating for Chukar's cherries.

A production worker overseeing the coating for Chukar’s cherries.

Chukar Cherries is a family owned business that has produced a line of cherry and other fruit, nut and chocolate products since 1988. Their cherries are grown in their own cherry orchard. They have an entire line of chocolate covered cherry assortments to enjoy. Some of their other delicious products include apple crisps, berry and nut mixes, fruit and nut energy snacks, cherry pie and cobbler fillings, fruit preserves, nuts and caramel corn.– Nancy Zaffaro, RFT Contributor

Chukar Cherries flagship store and factory is located in Prosser, Washington. They also have two retail stores in Leavenworth, Washington and Pike Place Market, in Seattle.  All photos courtesy Chukar Cherries.

Basket full of goodies from Chukar Cherries

Chukar’s line of goodies goes beyond their chocolate covered cherries.

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Nancy Zaffaro

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