Martin Miller Gin: Revive the Gin Martini!

millers_gin“The Secret is in the Water” is the apt slogan found on the label of Martin Miller’s Gin, for you will most certainly want to drink it like water. Well, in a martini glass, with the barest hint of vermouth. As in little-to-none. This is the tastiest gin this guzzler, uh sipper, has encountered of late. It is wonderful in a G & T, so don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I would save it for sipping (guzzling not recommended…) from its proper station, without an olive or twist, without a cloud of olive juice, just the actual gin, gently shaken and poured.

Now, you don’t have to be a fan of “Game of Thrones,” the HBO series shot partly in Iceland, to imagine why Martin Miller sourced his water in the land of Fire and Ice. The imagery alone creates a certain cocktail madness in the thirsty (leave the bloodthirsty to GOT), and in the Pacific Northwest, where I live, ‘it’s the water’ is a way of life. Iceland’s abundant pure water is the foundation upon which the Miller’s brand is built.

Water + Juniper= Heaven
The distinctive flavor of gin is the responsibility of the juniper berry, whose medicinal properties were discovered ages ago. Mr. Miller sourced his wherever they met his exacting specification, from the Mediterranean to India. As for the botanicals, they are also selected for their purity and then combined in a unique formula that verily hints of the Southern Hemisphere. Close your eyes and you might be in India. But you could just as easily be in the Mediterranean for that matter, or any of the several other places from which the earthy richness of terroir finds its way into Martin Miller’s Gin.

While reviewer Jeff Thomas loves his Martin Miller's Gin straight, you can also make delicious cocktails with it.

While reviewer Jeff Thomas loves his Martin Miller’s Gin straight, you can also make delicious cocktails with it.

Having set out to correct an historical wrong (the substitution of vodka for gin in the Martini), Mr. Miller went to great lengths not to improve gin, per se, but to restore it to its proper edifice. In his pursuit of excellence, he arrived in the land of awards and accolades, a happy warrior in the battle for historical and chemical authenticity. Ask your liquor merchant where on the shelf to find it, and if you don’t get the right answer raise your eyebrows as far as they will go, step back slightly, and extend your open palms in supplication. “Would you like us to bring some in?” “Yes, please.” Cheers to the real martini made with Martin Miller’s fine gin! –

Jeff Thomas, RFT Contributor


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