Safety-minded Gift Ideas

PacSafe wallet dollar slotYou can’t get away from it, especially at holiday time. On newscasts, online and in newspapers, we hear about people being ripped off. If you’re looking for some smart gifts to give your loved ones that will help keep them safe, check out our recommendations below:

PacSafe®. Our friends at Pac-Safe are the experts in safe travel. They offer a number of products that can help keep you from being ripped off at home or when you’re on the road. They make anti-theft wallets, purses, bags and more that are both stylish and make it difficult, if not impossible for thieves to steal from you.

If you’re a photographer or you carry a laptop, check out PacSafe’s Cam-Safe™ series. They offer large camera bags for the pro or nearly pro photographer down to tiny tote-style bags perfect for those little point-and-shoots or camera phones. They even have camera backpack for those who need to take camera gear on more rigorous journeys.

I felt perfectly safe carrying expensive camera equipment with a CamSafe bag.

I felt perfectly safe carrying expensive camera equipment with a CamSafe bag.

PacSafe integrates lightweight stainless steel into the straps and their slash-proof exo-mesh™ into the body of the bags that prevents thieves making off with your bag. Read our review of their CamSafe 200.

Two other great PacSafe products we love are their MetroSafe™ and Slingsafe™ bags. Both area stylish, have the slashproof straps, exomesh Slashguard™, and zipper security. RFT Editor Anne Weaver carried the MetroSafe 100 for weeks in some of Spain’s toughest neighborhood’s and felt safe. She currently carries PacSafe’s Slingsafe 200 every day and loves all the secure zippered pockets that keep her stuff not only safe, but well-organized. Read our full review of MetroSafe.

And finally, one of my favorites, is PacSafe’s RFID-blocking wallets. Did you know that thieves can lift your credit card information from a distance using specialized scanners. Not with Pac-Safe’s RFIDsafe™ technology. For both everyday and worldwide travel, I carry PacSafe’s RFID-tec™ 100 bi-fold wallet. It’s got plenty of room for credit cards and ID, two spaces for cash, including a zippered pocket, and a zippered coin pocket. Best of all, I don’t worry about those at-a-distance thieves. Check out my full review.

The PacSafe shoulder bag features a slashproof shoulder strap.

The PacSafe shoulder bag features a slashproof shoulder strap.

Black bag with Grab Guard

You can attach your Grab Guard to any fixed surface to prevent thieves from snatching it.

Grab Guard– These little anti-theft devices make a great stocking stuffer. Attach the little Grab Guard to your purse, briefcase, laptop case, etc. and to a solid object. Voila! You don’t have to worry about someone snatching your bag right off the back of your chair. Read our full review here. – Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor


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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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