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Henry’s Humginger’s: Sweet Honey Heat

Henry Honey 1(1280x960)He was only 11 when he decided he could save the world by saving honey bees. Photo Anne Weaver.

Henry Miller, a young Seattle, Washington, entrepreneur now 16, is CEO of Henry’s Humdinger’s, a one-man-plus-mom business that makes Henry’s Humdingers. Henry’s a unique line of artisan flavored honey is showing up in major grocery stores across the country.
And Henry is using his business to spread the word about threats to the bees and support the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees. For those who don’t know, colony collapse disorder (CCD) is the serious problem of mass bee die-offs and spontaneous abandonment of hives by honeybees. Without bees to pollinate our fruits and vegetables, there’d be no apples, cucumbers, broccoli, onions, pumpkins, carrots, avocados, almonds and more. Sales from Henry’s honey products are helping to save the bees and fight colony collapse disorder.

Henry Miller was only 11 when he decided to save the honey bees.

Henry Miller was only 11 when he decided to save the honey bees. Photo courtesy Henry’s Humdingers.

Henry’s honey flavors are all made with raw honey. That means the honey comes straight from the hives through extraction and then is strained. It has not been pasteurized (heated to 120+ degrees). This means the honey retains all its natural flavor and healing properties. It also means the honey will crystallize. Briefing heating the bottles in warm water will restore the honey’s pourable qualities without losing any nutritional value.

The spices in Henry’s Humginer’s are also lighter than the honey. Henry recommends stirring the honey before serving or storing the honey upside down to prevent the spices from rising to the top.

Distinctive, Interesting Flavors

Henry's Humdinger's is a company that produces good products and does good for the planet.

Henry’s Humdinger’s is a company that produces tasty products and gives money to save the bees. Photo courtesy Henry’s Humdingers.

Our editorial board tasted all four of Henry’s flavored honeys: Diabolical Dad (habanero and lime); Grumpy Grandpa (spicy red pepper and garlic); Phoebe’s Fireball (chiplote chile and cinnamon); and Naughty Nana (spicy pepper and ginger). We found each flavor to be unique and distinctive.

Diabolical Dad– This habanero-lime honey is a pepper head’s delight. This is HOT honey. In fact, this is the hottest of Henry’s flavors and our tasting panel made the mistake of tasting it first. Several members had to wait several minutes to allow their taste buds to calm before moving on to other flavors.

For most of our panel, the spicy habanero chili was too hot and quickly overwhelmed the sweetness of the honey. At first taste, Diabolical Dad tasted sweet with a hint of lime, but the sweet flavor was quickly overcome by the habanero and replaced by the sensation of heat.

However, fans of heat will love this flavor. As one reviewer said, “I know some chili heads who would love this honey.”

Diabolical Dad features plenty of habanero heat.

Diabolical Dad features plenty of habanero heat. Photo Anne Weaver.

Some panel members felt this spicy honey would be a great marinade for red meats.

Grumpy Grandpa– This red pepper-garlic honey, with more flavor and less heat than Diabolical Dad, received more favorable reviews from our food experts. One said, “I could spread this one on a biscuit.”

The garlic notes are pronounced and the red pepper provides a nice spiciness while still allowing the honey flavor to shine through. Grumpy Grandpa would make a nice marinade for lamb or pork.

Henry's honey can be used to make some spicy chicken wings.

Henry’s honey can be used to make some spicy chicken wings. Photo courtesy Henry’s Humdingers.

Phoebe’s Fireball– The combination of chiplote chile and cinnamon was hands down our review panel’s favorite. The chiplotle offers a pleasant smokiness that pairs well with the cinnamon while allowing plenty of sweet honey flavor to come through. Our panel would love to see this honey used on salmon and our biscuit man says this is another winner.

Naughty Nana– Another winner, this spicy pepper and ginger honey offers pronounced black pepper flavors and subtle ginger notes. It reminded one reviewer of the flavors found in Sri Lankan Pepper Crab. Another thought this would be a terrific addition to Asian fusion dishes. Still another kept slathering it thickly on her bread and, after the review, claimed the bottle of black pepper honey for her own.

On another occasion the panelist who took home the black pepper honey brought us a wonderful vinaigrette she’d made with Naughty Nana. It was sweet-sour with just the right lilt of black pepper and honey flavors.

How about salmon seasoned with habanero lime honey?

How about salmon seasoned with habanero lime honey? Photo courtesy Henry’s Humdingers.

Real bottom Line: If you love honey and you’re a fan of heat, you’ll love Henry’s Humdinger’s flavored honeys. They’re all natural and feature distinctive and interesting flavors. They’d be especially delicious as marinades or as additions to foods that need some sweet heat.

And, since a portion of every sale of Henry’s Humdinger’s goes to save the bees, you can feel good about buying these sweet treats. – Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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