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Cucumber Lime Cooler Recipe

Heathman Lime Cooler  (961x1280)The Heathman Restaurant & Bar in the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon, serves up this refreshing non-alcoholic “mocktail.” It goes perfectly with their new $5 happy hour menu and makes a terrific summer drink. (Read our review of Heathman’s happy hour menu.)

Recipe courtesy Heathman Restaurant & Bar

Makes one 16 oz. glass

5 cucumber slices

3 oz Lime Sour Elixir

3-4 oz soda water

Garnish with a cucumber slice.

Drop cucumber slices in a pint mixing glass and muddle, measure in lime sour, fill with ice, cap and shake vigorously, pour into tall glass.

Top with soda, insert straw and stir

Sour Elixir Recipe

You can make this master sour elixir recipe ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator.

Makes 68 ounces

4 cups fresh lime juice

4 cups simple syrup (4 cups water, 4 cups white sugar heated until sugar melts and cooled)

½ cup water

Mix all ingredients and store in covered bottle in refrigerator.

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