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Woats: Who Knew Oats Could Taste Like This?

Woats dish(1280x851)Woats Oatsnacks, soft, chewy whole oat and honey granola snacks, are irresistibly delicious. Developed by then 16-year-old Justin Anderson, who loved granola, but couldn’t eat it because of his braces, Woats are sure to be a hit with people who love soft granola– or anyone who wants a healthy, chewy snack.

Woats come in four surprising flavors and our editors tried them all:

Jammin' Strawberry Shortbread really does takes like fresh strawberries and shortbread.

Jammin’ Strawberry Shortbread really tastes like fresh strawberries and shortbread.

Jammin’ Strawberry Shortbread– Strawberries, short bread cookies, and slivered California almonds are combined in a soft honey oat blend in this flavor. This one is a little like biting into dense cookie dough with strawberries. The texture is chewy and soft; even the almonds are soft. The shortbread offers a nice buttery taste with the strawberries jumping in for a burst of berry flavor.

Peanut Butter Graham Slam– Unlike Jammin’Strawberry Shortbread, this Woat has a crunchy-soft texture, thanks to toffee peanuts and crisp graham crackers. It’s got plenty of assertive peanut butter flavor that blends well with the honey oat blend. This one is hands-down my personal favorite and I found myself wanting to sample just a little more; then a bit more…

Cookies ‘n’ Dreams– This flavor combines pieces of chocolate-vanilla sandwich cookies with Woats signature honey oat blend. While this flavor has a cute name, our tasting panel felt it was the least successful flavor. “It seemed like cookies with oats and honey wrapped around them,” said one reviewer.

My problem with the Peanut Butter Grand Slam? I can't stop eating it!

Berry lovers will like cranberries and praline pecans in Nuts About Berries.

We can well imagine a kid inventing this flavor. “Hey, let’s put cookie pieces in it.” We felt the cookies and oats never really meld and the Cookies ‘n’ Dreams ends up being just cookie pieces with oats. But kids would love this one.

Nuts About Berries– This berry-centric Woats offering features roasted praline pecans, cranberries, and the Woats signature honey-oat blend. The praline gives it a bit of crunchier texture and the dominant buttery-brown sugar flavor with lilts of bright strawberry flavor in the background. One reviewer felt this one would be a real winner over ice cream.

One of the things we really like about Woats, which come in 10-ounce, resealable bags ($6) is that they’re made with whole grain oats and all natural ingredients. You won’t find artificial flavors or preservatives in Woats Oatsnacks.

My problem with Woats Peanut Butter Grand Slam? I can't stop eating it!

My problem with Woats Peanut Butter Grand Slam? I can’t stop eating it!

The other thing we love about this company is the founder, Justin Anderson, is committed to inspiriting kids to follow their dreams. Justin has a school tour program in which he speaks to kids about finding and following their inspiration. He also offers scholarships to students in 10th through 12th grade who “better society.”

Like traditional granola, Woats Oatsnacks aren’t diet food. A ¼ cup contains 120-134 calories (depending on the flavor).

We think Woats are the perfect hiking food—sweet, easy to carry, a nice boost of calories, and a snack that’s moist and won’t dry you out on the trail like regular granola or dry granola bars. – Bobbie Hasselbring, Editor

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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