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Bakery on Main: Killer Gluten Free Granola

gluten free granolaI’m a major granola fan. Sometimes I make my own granola, but more often than not I don’t have time and I’ve found most commercial granolas are dry and pretty tasteless. So when I heard about Bakery on Main’s line of granola, which includes several gluten-free flavors, I was more than skeptical. Now I’m a believer—Bakery on Main makes really delicious gluten free and non-gluten free granola.

Bakery on Main started as a small bakery in a natural foods market on Main Street in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Founder Michael Smulders’ customers who suffered from Celiac disease complained that the gluten free (GF) products available were tasteless. Michael heard them and vowed to create GF products that were both tasty and healthy. He also committed to help Celiac research and awareness efforts through the sale of Bakery on Main’s gluten free products.

Bakery on Main granolas

Bakery on Main carries a full line of GF granola.

Today, Bakery on Main makes a range of GF products, including gluten free granolas. All of them are dairy free and casein free (casein is a protein found in milk) and, low in saturated fats and low in sodium. The editors at sampled the following flavors:

Extreme Fruit and Nut (1199x1280)Extreme Fruit and Nut Gluten Free Granola- Like all of Bakery on Main’s gluten free granolas, Extreme Fruit and Nut Gluten Free Granola contains small airy and slightly sweet corn “cups” filled with crunchy and tasty ingredients like flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and puffed rice. Additionally, this flavor contains plenty of nuts like walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts and fruits like raisins and dried cranberries. It’s a sweet, fruity, crunch granola that’ll have you coming back for more.


Cranberry Orange Cashew Gluten Free Granola– In addition to the little corn cups, seeds, and puffed rice balls, this flavor has the refreshingly distinct flavor of oranges. There are also pieces of cashew and big chewy dried cranberries.

Bakery on Main banana nut granola

Rainforest Banana Nut features an intense freeze dried banana flavor.

Rainforest Banana Nut Gluten Free Granola– This granola is all about dehydrated bananas and Brazil nuts. While it’s not my favorite flavor, it’s got great crunch and will be appreciated by banana fans.

Apple Raisin Nut Gluten Free Granola– This is fall in a bowl—flavorful apples and walnuts with crunchy corn cups and seeds. It’s all accented with cinnamon.

Nutty Cranberry Gluten Free Granola– This is my favorite of Bakery on Main’s gluten free granola flavors. It’s filled with plenty of chewy dried cranberries, almonds and pecans with a satisfying crunch and maple flavor. I couldn’t stop eating this is one !

Bakery on Main also makes more traditional-style granola made with oats. Like the other gluten free granolas, these are also free of dairy, casein, trans fats and cholesterol. Made with certified gluten free oats this granola is high in fiber and provides 9 grams of fiber per serving.


Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola– This chewy granola flavor contains oats sweetened with honey and sesame seeds and raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. It’s terrific with Greek style yogurt.

Bakery on Main triple berry granola

Triple Berry Granola offers three different berries.

Fiber Power Cinnamon Raisin Granola– This chewy slightly sweet oat-style granola features a strong cinnamon flavor and lots of sweet raising.

Bakery on Main oat granola

Bakery on Main’s traditional oat granola offers 9 grams of fiber per serving.

Real Bottom Line: The gluten free granola made by Bakery on Main is some of the best granola we’ve ever tried. It’s made us believers that gluten free products can be delicious.
Bakery on Main’s traditional oat-style granola is chewy and, with 9 grams of fiber per serving, will easily satisfy your hunger for hours. We especially love their gluten free granola with sweet airy corn cups filled with seeds. It’s so tasty, crispy and crunchy we found ourselves eating these flavors as a snack in front of the TV!– Bobbie Hasselbring, Editor

Bakery on Main’s granola and other gluten free products are available at

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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