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reCAP Mason Jars: Cleverly Re-using Canning Jars

reCAP Mason lids 1 (1280x1033)Sometimes a company comes up with an idea so clever, you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That was my reaction to recap Mason Jars lids. They are BPA-free plastic lids that enable you to recap and reuse Mason, Ball, Kerr, Bernardin (Canada) or other types of jars with standard or wide mouth threads. These practical little caps enable you to store, flip, shake, and even spray using your old glass jars.

As more people become concerned about using plastic and the potential for chemical leakage, more of us are turning (or I should say re-turning) to glass jars. And some of the best jars are heavy duty glass canning jars that come in half pints, pints, and quarts. Made of thick, see-through glass, these jars are unlikely to break and you can see what’s in them. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and readily available. You can even purchase canning jars at garage sales for next to nothing. Put on one of the reCAPs and the jar can have a whole new life in your pantry, your garage, your bathroom, or your craft studio.

reCAP Mason lids

Different lids allow you to shake, pour, or just store.

Flip or Pour
reCAPs come in two types of flip caps: wide flips and pour flips. Both come in standard or wide mouth. The flip caps also have screen accessories, small screens for flour, salt & pepper and larger diameter screens for herbs, cheese, and pepper flakes. In addition, you can get counter rings that’ll fit over cap to add labels (provided).

This big shaker lid would be perfect for Parmesan cheese.

This big shaker lid would be perfect for Parmesan cheese.

In addition to pour and flips caps, recap offers Adapta caps that transform canning jars into spray jars. (We didn’t field test this cap and suspect a spray jar with a canning jar bottom would prove pretty heavy after using it for a while.)

reCAP Mason jar lids cost $7 each (accessories $4). I got three of them and was able to use them on some older blue canning jars from my grandmother. They look terrific in my pantry and are easy to use. I know I’m going to invest in several more reCAPS. – Bobbie Hasselbring, Editor

You can purchase them at or on Amazon.

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