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The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook: Great Food and Brews

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The Craft Beer Bites Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Sliders, Skewers, Mini Desserts, and MORE — All Made with Beer is both a serious beer book and a serious cookbook. As appealing in look as it is in content, Jacquelyn Dodd’s new cookbook will be your new go-to resource for party food.

Filled with down-to-earth recipes for comfort bites, up-to-date dishes with wow-factor and desserts that will impress, I cannot think of another title that could take its place. Pairing food with beer is no longer about beer and burgers. It’s about a lot more than national-brand brews and a pedestrian burger. Americans are brewing and drinking great beer like never before, and it deserves to be served alongside interesting and flavorful morsels. And The Craft Beer Bites Book can help you do that.

Drool Factor
Peruse Dodd’s book and you will find Smoky Porter Molasses Chicken Skewers, Pale Ale and Kale Tzatziki and IPA-soaked Watermelon Skewers with Cotija and Mint. Many of the recipes feature a lovely photograph to, you know, enhance the salivation factor. Keep your mouth closed or you will drool down your shirt just reading the table of contents!

Each recipe has a story, a clear list of ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions and a feature called the ‘Choose the Right Beer!” box. These little boxes of information are where we discover just why Jackie Dodd is known as ‘The Beeroness” and author of the original The Craft Beer Cookbook. Her take on how to approach hops and malt when pairing beer with food reveals a tenderness toward ingredients that rivals the expertise we expect from a good sommelier.

As the follow-up to The Craft Beer Cookbook, Dodd has done her readers proud with a genuine compendium of beer-centric bites that are sure to stimulate the imagination and appetite of a grateful nation. I know I’m thankful. And thirsty. Hungry-thirsty. – by Jeff Thomas, RFT Contributor

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Jeffery Thomas

World traveler Jeffery Thomas has taught East Asian and World History at Clark College since 1999. Among other destinations in Europe and Asia, he travels frequently to Singapore, one of the world’s great food capitals. Living in Portland, Oregon has also greatly enhanced his food and beverage experiences. Jeffery is currently working on a scholarly article titled “Armchair Adventure and the American Way of Empire”, focused on the science fiction of Edgar Rice Burroughs from the 1920s. In the picture here, he’s enjoying a meal with his daughter at a sidewalk cafe in Prague, Czech Republic.