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Segura Viuda Cava: Perfect for Sparkling Holidays

Gran Cuvee ReserveJust in time for the Season of Cheer, we were treated to a couple of bottles of cava from Segura Viuda, one of Catalonia’s major producers. While some (snooty types) may describe it as a ‘poor man’s Champagne, cava is the sparkling wine of choice for those whose tastes run to fruit-forward refreshment. At this time of year, hosting the masses calls for affordable tastiness; and Segura Viuda’s fine line of cavas is just the ticket.

 Segura Viudas Winery

Segura Viuda Cava is made in sunny Spain.

With the Gran Cuvee Reserva, you will get the sense of terroir that is characteristic of the regional grapes, Macabeo and Parellada, with smaller quantities of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that give it a fruity zing. Be ready for greater carbonation than, for example, a prosecco or sekt. Also be prepared for a really nice price point! Serve with spicy appetizers, or create a cocktail with brandy and muddled berries.

Reserva Herdad

Reserva Heredad put smiles on our tasters’ faces.

Our second bottle, the Reserva Heredad, put genuine smiles all around. Higher priced, this lovely blend of Macabeo (67%) and Parellada (33%) is a sparkling wine you can expect to receive nods of appreciation from discerning drinkers. Less fizzy, drier and nuttier than its cousin, we can highly recommend the Reserva Heredad for special occasions. Pair with Spanish cheese, such as a good-quality Manchego.

If you give the Segura Viuda cavas a chance this holiday season, you will be rewarded by your guests’ smiles and you can spend the money you saved on lobster! Which goes well with cava…– Jeff Thomas, RFT Contributor

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Jeffery Thomas

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