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Moonstruck Valentine’s Chocolate Deliciousness

hot lips truffles 2Moonstruck, Portland, Oregon’s boutique chocolatier, has its creative juices flowing again and just in time for Valentine’s Day. In addition to their traditional wrapped chocolate collections, their heart-shaped box collection, their Love Bug Truffles (which we reviewed last year), our editors sampled two fun Valentine’s offerings: heart-shaped Two-Tiered Heart Truffles and Hot-Lips Truffles.

heart truffles5-piece Two-Tiered Truffles. These pretty, heart-shaped truffles feature two dark chocolate hearts and two red hears, both decorated with white chocolate swirls. They’re made with both dark and milk chocolate, so no matter the kind of chocolate your sweetheart loves, these two-tiered beauties are sure to please.

The Two-tiered Dark Chocolate Heart Truffle, one of our favorites, is a dark chocolate ganache flavored with Drambuie and honey. It’s topped with a smooth layer of milk chocolate ganached spiked with smooth Baileys Irish cream. Then it’s enrobed in dark chocolate and hand decorated. The ganaches are velvety and the chocolate covering is just the right thickness with a satisfying chocolate snap.

Moonstruck truffles

The hand piping on Moonstruck’s Two-tiered Truffles is elegant.

The bright red Two-Tiered Red Heart Truffle features dark chocolate ganache. This one, sweeter than the Dark Chocolate Heart Truffle, is flavored with Drambuie, a sweet golden colored liqueur made from Scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices. The top layer of milk chocolate ganache is flavored with Baileys Irish Cream and its enrobed in red-colored white chocolate and hand decorated. It’s a nice contrast to the Dark Chocolate truffle and offers soft flavors.

Hot Lips Truffles

Spicy is the watch word with Hot Lips Truffles.

Red Lip-Shaped Truffles. If you want to spice things up with your Valentine, try Moonstruck’s 4-piece Hot Lips Collection. These sensuous red-lip-shaped truffles feature a spicy chocolate ganache infused with finger, honey and French Espelette chili pepper. It’s had dipped in a dark chocolate shell that’s been hand-painted with red and gold sparkles. If you like spice, you’ll like this fun ‘hot’ truffle.

Moonstruck truffles and other chocolates are available at Moonstruck stores in Portland, Oregon, or from Moonstruck online.

You can also purchase some Moonstruck chocolates thorough Amazon.


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