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Spring into Fun Moonstruck Chocolates for Easter

ladybug trufflesOur pals at Moonstruck Chocolates, one of RFT’s favorite artisan chocolatiers in Portland, Oregon, are bringing us some fun truffles just in time for the Easter and Spring seasons. The company is well known for beautiful, hand-decorated chocolates and these colorful truffles are great examples of their creativity.

RFT Editors sampled two of their offerings: Ladybug Truffles and Easter Egg Truffles.

Moonstruck’s Ladybug Truffles are fun “bug shaped” truffles that look like, well, big ladybugs. They come in a four-piece collection ($15) featuring four different ganaches: milk chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate orange and lemon. Each lady bug truffles is hand dipped and then hand-decorated with fun little ladybug faces and spotted bodies. The ganaches all have a nice melt on the tongue and each flavor is subtle rather than over-the-top. The Ladybug Truffles make a fun gift for Easter or just to say, “Yay, it’s spring.”

easter egg truffles

The Easter Egg truffles resemble little jewels.

The four-piece Easter Egg Truffle Collection is even more colorful in cheery yellows and oranges. These egg-shaped truffles, which are meticulously hand-decorated and hand-dipped, look like little jewels. They come in two flavors: milk chocolate orange and milk chocolate peanut butter. At $12 for the collection, Moonstruck’s Easter Egg Truffle Collection offers sophisticated flavors in a delightfully whimsical package.

Moonstruck Easter and Spring offerings are available at the five Moonstruck stores in Portland, Oregon, on the Moonstruck website , or at Made in Oregon stores.

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Bobbie Hasselbring, RFT Editor

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